Hi, WordPress enthusiasts and welcome to our channel. My name is Robert and in this video, I will show you some of the best and also free WordPress membership plugins.

These plugins are great for content restriction, paid member subscriptions as well as complete user management.

Membership plugins mentioned in this video:

1. Ultimate Member 0:25
2. Paid Member Subscriptions 2:45
3. WP-Members 5:32

I would like to create a full tutorial on the plugin you guys will pick, so let me know in the comments which one should appear in a step by step video?

Keep up the good work and see you in the next one.

God bless you guys and be safe.

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Great resources and tools for WordPress:

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⚙ Elementor: http://bit.ly/DownloadElementor

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    15 replies to "Testing Some of the BEST FREE WordPress Membership Plugins in 2020"

    • Mortgage Financing

      Hi, Brilliant information as always thanks.. am doing a membership site for video content. What would you suggest to protect the site so people cant share their passwords? I need something you can suggest for that .Maybe a something that only alows one IP address. Not sure how it works.I could really benefit from your expertise here. Thanks

    • scam sites revelation

      I like the fact that you talk slowly to enable us understand

    • spices source

      Thank you for the wonderfull help, I have used UM for a month but invalid nonce error is really frusteting during user login. I am looking for an user management plugin to login, registration, account page, and content restrictions only.

    • padateganesh

      In ultimate member invalid nonce error is coming what to do

    • InterpretaCanciones

      bad, bad, bad, and demo? how it work in page?

    • Samuel Haines

      Thank you. You’ve helped me focus my options. God bless.

    • Creator KANNAN

      Sir but we use ultimate member plugin in woocommerce account page error will come

    • Social Life Style Before And After, Now and Then.

      First surf and i saw it coming through your channel… Thanks Robert

    • melypfors

      Hi, Thank you for this but do you have a step by step on membership tutorial? please let me know if you have any. Thanks.

    • RONY H

      Hi @Robert_Peter,
      I want to create an online educational website and only paid members will have access to see my video then which plugin you will recommend?

    • tony Mulreid

      Great video Robert thank you. Still undecided but you have shortcutted the process for me which is a big help. Cheers

    • Jay Calvin

      Of those 3 which one do you suggest the most?

    • Adrian Roberto Aguilar Sandic

      Great video, congratulation and thank you

    • Marco Casalegno

      Thank you so much for this video. May be is interesting a step by step video for Wp membership

    • Fraidoon Husain

      A very useful tutorial

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