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What are the main features and differences between OptimizePress 2.0 and LeadPages? Watch this video to find out.

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    17 replies to "The difference between OptimizePress 2.0 and LeadPages"

    • Mustafa Bohra

      Thank you. You solved my frustration.

    • Julian Kohlweg

      I just wonder why you are allowed to use the brand in your domain? Are you a staff member?

    • Troy E. White

      I'm brand new to Optimize Press. I purchased it and a plug-in to get started. I downloaded it and installed it into WordPress but it does not show up. Any advise??? Wondering if I should've gone for LeadPages or if this earning curve is common.

    • Les Crowe

      Thanks @Suraj Sodha! These 2 list-building tools were brilliantly presented, and even objectively although you are a Optimizepress user. You pointed out a key feature (Leadpages + Aweber) that I was not aware of that may benefit me greatly

    • Luis Zarza

      Hi, is the link for OP2.0 discount still working?? I see same amount of money. No discount at all. $97, $197 or $297. 


      Dawn!!!  Wow…very well done my dear.  Thank you for making this video and for the FREEBIE.

    • Britt Brennan

      Great video…. very non biased and love the sales technique. I use both products and definitely find Leadpages much easier to "just do it". Optimize Press requires a much larger learning curve but has its benefits that make it worthwhile taking the curve.

    • Jim Nemikoff

      I appreciate the quick comparison between OP 2.0 and LP. I haven't played with LP at all, and the last time I used OP was 1.0. 2.0 looks amazing.

    • Joy Poulsen

      Hi Suraj, what is the bonus you offer for signing thru you?

    • Teri Rose

      Question: Is there an advantage to buying 2.0 if I have 1.0?  I use it on one site but never really learned it well enough to take advantage of it.  Now I am looking at setting up a membership site with different levels and don't know that I want to learn the old version if there are advantages to getting 2.0.  I also use LeadPages but would love to get rid of the annual fee.   Great video BTW.  Thanks.

    • Ralph DEL ROSARIO

      Hi Suraj.. can I use OP 2 and LeadPages at the same time? 

    • The Bum Gun

      Hi Suraj, great video, thanks. Very clear and easy to understand.

    • Jim Timpson

      If I want to buy optimizepress thru you and receive the free bonuses, how do I do so? There is no link that I see???  Thanks, Jim

    • Manish Jain

      OptimizePress 2.0 is compatible with joomla and PHP based website?

    • Timm Worthington

      Hi Suraj, thanks for sharing this information. I found it very helpful in my decision making process!

    • Suraj Sodha

      Hi David, no that is not currently a feature in LeadPages (as far as I know) but OptimizePress does exactly that very well.

    • David Greek

      Does LeadPages have a membership option with the back end for adding content to the members area? Thanks for the cool review

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