Introducing the first look at the brand new OptimizePress 2.0 platform, launching July 2013. Find out more at

    15 replies to "The New OptimizePress"

    • Vers Agentur
    • HamzaVids

      WHEN ??????????????????????????????????

    • Frank Castellanos

      Is it going to be an spanish version????

    • Rick Cruz

      hell yeah, I was thinking the same thing.


      where can I find this background music?

    • Steve Besson

      Will it allow to create membership site like the previous one (this is the way I intent to use it) easily ? The introduction shows only landing pages and sales pages, no example of membership sites…

    • crpsg

      What music is that?

    • Erin Tillotson

      Can't wait to get my hands on this 🙂

    • Richie Rich

      Hey James will you have a recorded webinar that we could send our opt-in customers to watch. while were waiting ?

    • Nadeem Rafael Malik

      looks amazing! do any one know where can I get this music?

    • Julie Larson

      Will this also be a plugin that could be added to an existing theme?

    • theTartanTrickster

      Hey James, I bought OP1 earlier this year and must say it was great for my product launch. did it just like a pro and as Andy Jenkins would say, was like a boss…

      I am using Headway Themes theme for the main site, and although it allows me to draw out where i want widgets, headers, footers, etc etc etc, I find it a bit difficult to use. Im hoping OP2 allows for some clear space templates and more configuration.

      Looking forward to the luanch…

    • OptimizePress

      OptimizePress 2.0 is a completely new product, built from the ground up. So it won't be a free upgrade but we will have a discount for our existing customers when we launch

    • Bao Khau

      Any chance to get free update if i bought the version 1.0?

    • Condor Marketing

      Yes!!! July is here patiently waiting, Looks awesome James.

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