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    8 replies to "The Restrict Content Pro Membership WordPress Plugin Overview"

    • Grace Wright

      Can this stop the members from downloading my content

    • Murtaza Yousaf

      Please tell me Which WordPress theme use in this video. And if you find better themes like which you use in this video for uploading video and selling it

    • Kinetic Kash

      Do you need the edd recurring payments plugin with this?

    • Bethel Goka

      You could improve your video presentations by being more concise. You ramble too much, in fact this is the worst video presentation that had potential to be good.

    • Deek Johnson

      Would you know if there any support from this developer besides "documentation". I see no way to contact them from within the plugin…? No email…? Thanks for the how to…

    • George Chamoun

      Hey Good one , but I waited on another Plugin, like if you have something one the homepage and every user can see it, but if i want to hid extra information just for logged in useres , how i can do that ?

    • Lauren Ostrowski Fenton

      Also it would be helpful if your RCP videos were in one playlist then you will get more views. I have other ideas on how to promote your videos too if you are interested.

    • Lauren Ostrowski Fenton

      Hi May i ask you which do you think is better? paid memberships pro? or restrict content Pro? Many thanks..loved the video

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