Honest negative review of Thrive Themes (as a Thrive user). Before you buy, here’s who Thrive is not for and what to do about it.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro
0:40 5)Support
1:40 4)No Cart
2:10 3)No Member
3:00 2)Slow Down
3:50 1)Learning Curve

Thrive Themes Honest Review: Watch Before You Buy (WordPress Landing Page Software)

thrive themes review – thrive architect review 2018 – Is thrive themes worth it?

If you want to purchase Thrive Themes, you must first watch this video. I summed up every disadvantages of thrive themes and I came up with top 5 reasons thrive themes may not be the best sales funnel software for you.

The first thing that I don’t like about Thrive Themes is their support. I can’t stand how they’ve set up their support. It’s using a forum format so that anyone can see the questions your asking and the staff isn’t trying to win any politeness awards. In fact you won’t find an email anywhere. Your forced to go through the forums to hopefully get your issue solved. This is stark contrast to OptimizePress and ClickFunnels whose support is very polite and helpful.

When building landing pages and sales pages, it is important to have set-up the shopping cart function. However, Thrive Themes doesn’t have a shopping cart function unlike OptimizePress or clickfunnels. So even though it does a great job with the rest of your site, when it comes to taking payments, it leaves you hanging.

Another disadvantage of using thrive themes that I discuss in this thrive themes review 2018 is their lack of membership capabilities.. So if you want to build a membership site, your going to have to add another plug-in like OptimizeMember, WishList Member, Membermouse, or WooCommerce Memberships. Personally I still use OptimizePress for all our memberships because it’s so easy and straightforward.

Did you also know that thrive themes plugins can slow down your website and landing pages for your sales funnel? While I have not personally experienced this, I have seen several reports of their plugins slowing down sites. Even though they say in their marketing that won’t happen. So if your using budget wordpress hosting, you may want to test your site speed and insure that Thrive doesn’t slow the site down too much. You can use a free tool like Google’s page speed tester to determine your site speed.

Lastly, thrive themes is a bit hard to get used to. There is a much steeper learning curve with Thrive Themes when compared to hosted page builders like ClickFunnels and LeadPages. Even though I’d been using OptimizePress 2.0 for years, it took me a few weeks to really get the hang of Thrive Themes.

If you are looking for comparison reviews of the best sales funnel softwares, just go over my channel where I reviewed tons of sales funnel software that may fit your needs.

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    16 replies to "Thrive Themes Honest Review: Watch Before You Buy (WordPress Landing Page Software)"

    • Jason Whaling

      Comment below with your Thrive Themes questions and experience!

    • Nickaldo C. Harvey

      They have now integrated Sendowl to offer buy buttons and all

    • Nickaldo C. Harvey

      You need to update you video… there is now Thrive Cart

    • Biron Clark

      Good review. I've never liked Clickfunnels' members functionality, at all, but like you said – at least it's included.


      Thrive Themes + Shapeshift + Woocommerce + Support = Supersaiyan Ape Mode

      Tip: Purchase the Premium Membership is worth it.

    • Dr Sherwood Tucker DDS MAGD

      This is old. Why not do an update?

    • Camar Indonesia

      yo Jason, what do you suggest the platform to create landing page and funnel for beginner? In which it affordable, easy to access and user friendly. Thanks

    • Ram Mendhe

      I am using it and I am agree with you but they are poor or lacking in: 
      1. Do not have anything for Rich snippet, we need to use external paid plugin. 
      2. They do not have FAQ rich snippet. 
      3. Too much learning curve 
      4. No help, very very poor in it. 
      5. Customisation is not possible.
      6. They added unnecessary code which make website slow. There are some JS which take lots of loading time.
      7. They do not use same table to store data which uses by WP to store posts. If you want to edit post using text edition which is not possible.
      8. Not developer friendly. No support at all.
      9. When you want to switch from thrive to WordPress edition then you manually need to add new post. Same post can not useful.
      10. The feature they provided not needed most of the time for begginer. There are lots of issues, which I can count. 
      11. They have so many help pages which are outdate they did not modified it.
      12. They do not support on chat or phone call. So if you have problem you need to struggle yourself. When you search on google then you can get only link which will tell you to purchase it. What the f…
      I can only say its a tool for establish blogger who has lots of money for experiments.
      If you beginner then Please don't purchase it.

    • Patrick Hussey

      I love Thrive Themes, all I'm waiting for is a all in one done for you
      auto- responder plug-in. No more mail chimp, no-more get response. They need to have their own stuff

    • Lifemond - Vida Sem Fronteiras

      I’m a Thrive Theme subscriber. My sincere opinion: 1. Their concept “high conversion websites” sets them apart, in terms of marketing. 2. However, their tools are slow, very slow in comparison to other builders. In comparison to Elementor, we can say Thrive Theme runs at 0.2 the speed of Elementor. 3. Thrive Theme design quality can be enough if you want an average site like millions out there and good taste, good design is not important to you. 4. They are constantly updating both their tools and knowledge base. To me, it’s like keep digging a deeper hole. 5. In terms of price, we can have Elementor Pro, which works much better and have a design quality far superior than TT, for $ 99.00 year, while TT costs $228.00. 6. Using my current Thrive Theme license I could build 25 websites. However, it works so “well”, I’m going to limit it to only one and migrate it to another builder platform asap. 7. It’s like when we realise we bought a garbage car. We don’t keep that car just because the owner of that car assembler is nice and friendly, right?

    • JD Floridarealty Jady Zapata

      Thrive themes seems great for some one who has a lot of knowledge in some kind of web development, I couldn't work with it I tried to learn it for 5 months, the support is only trough messaging, there is no phone call for live support so I found my self going back and forth for every single issue at hand, that was exhausting and discouraging and with out much success, another situation is the fact that they won't return my funds for the remaining of the months I have paid ahead, yet they advertise that this is a monthly service, paid 12 months ahead. this seems misleading advertising.. has any one had a similar issue ?

    • Stephen B

      Jason, I think you need a reality check:

      5 – Support – Your aversion to forums is duly noted. If you were talking about Apple support forums, that would be a valid criticism, because Apple support staff are conspicuous by their total absence. FWIW, I got a prompt response to my Thrive pre-sales support question by actual Thrive support staff and received an email notification to boot. I can't say anything beyond that as I haven't needed any post-sales support as of yet.

      4 – Thrive Cart – Wouldn't use it if it existed. I prefer to pick and choose my shopping cart plugin according to my requirements.

      3 – Membership Function – Wouldn't use it if it existed. I prefer to pick and choose my membership plugin according to my requirements.

      2 – Speed – Unless your stick to GeneratePress or Astra Theme, speed on budget hosting is indeed going to be an issue. That will be true for any theme, but seems especially true for visual theme builders. Anyway, you cited other peoples criticisms of Thrive Themes but then went on to state that this was not your own experience with Thrive. WTF!

      1 – Learning curve – Any complex piece of software is going to have a learning curve. The more complex, the steeper the curve. Indeed, I felt totally clueless with Thrive Theme Builder when I first installed it. But when I watched the intro video it just "clicked". 30 minutes after watching the video I was merrily overriding the defaults and well on my way to the look I was after. To be fair, I confess that I do not have a learning disability.

      The fact that any plugin doesn't have certain features is no reason for a bad review unless they are not delivering on their value propositions. I would not use a Thrive cart, even if it existed because it would take years to come even close to Woo's plugin ecosystem. Ditto for Thrive Apprentice. It will take them a while to get to the level of, say, LearnDash. I bought a membership for the things it does well. I will continue to pick and choose eLearning, membership and other plugins according to my requirements, which is the beauty of the whole WP plugin ecosystem.

      In summary, reasons 5, 4, 3 and 1 suggest that you prefer an all-in-one turn-key appliance with lots of private, one-on-one hand holding. And that's OK… it describes most of my clients, who are happy to pay me to do their thinking for them. But I realise I'm just playing into your little charade. Your video thumbnail "Warning! Thrive Themes Headaches (Don't Buy)" shows your real intensions here. Sadly this is an example of what's wrong with most "digital marketing consultants". Your click bait just got you two more clicks: a "thumbs down" and an "unsubscribe".

    • Digital Tech Tools

      There is also a membership option now too with thrive

    • Digital Tech Tools

      This is out dated because they use ticket system now

    • PitBull Mindset

      Worst review ever! I have been using Thrive Themes for several years and LOVE IT! I've found their support really helpful and always polite and quick to deal with any issues I have had, which I think I've had 2 in 5 years and those were just functionality questions. I've never had a problem with site load speed as that depends on your service provider. I used to use Optimizepress and it sucked compared to Thrive Themes. Page builds are drag and drop and super easy to build a beautiful custom page using one of their templates. As for a shopping cart, I sell services online and I've never needed one. I use a sales page theme and just integrate my paypal link with it. If you really need a shopping cart there are plenty of really effective free plugins out there. Leadpages and clickfunnels are for a specific function. When you have WordPress sites that are over 200 pages, you need a powerful software that is easy to build, customise and use. Thrive Themes are the bomb!

    • Liz Packwood

      Hi Jason, thanks for your video. Can you please tell me have things changed now on Thrive themes? Because this was made in 2018. have they made many changes such as site speed, stripe or other payment integration for paid courses, etc?

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