Ultimate Sales Funnel Software Showdown: Thrive Themes vs ClickFunnels. After over 9 months of testing and tinkering the results are in. Thrive Themes wins and here are 5 reasons why…

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Table of Contents:
0:57 – Reason 5) Content Marketing Power House
1:51 – Reason 4) Template Selection
2:51 – Reason 3) Page Builder
4:43 – Reason 2) Price
5:32 – Reason 1) Control

Thrive Themes vs ClickFunnels – Thrive Themes Is Better (Why I Left ClickFunnels)

When it comes to choosing a sales funnel software, there is no shortage of options. Here are just a few of software’s I’ve reviewed on this channel:
– Instagapage
– OptimizePress
– LeadPages
– Builderall

And of course, Thrive Themes vs ClickFunnels. After more than 10 sales funnel software review and comparison videos, these two time and time again have proven to be the best of the best. They both make the funnel building experience a breeze and allow for a lot of flexibility.

The big difference in the Thrive Themes vs ClickFunnels debate actually has very little to do with the feature set, and much more to do with what they are built on. More on that in a bit…

What’s great about Thrive Themes is it’s designed to be your one stop shop. By identifying each path, a digital business could take, Thrive Themes has mapped out a lot of tools that can address specific needs of any kind of business.

In this Thrive Architect (content builder) review you will get a deep dive into some the plug-ins user experience and the pros of it over the ClickFunnels visual builder. You’ll quickly see how the Thrive Architect Plug-in can transform any website into a conversion machine.

Be sure to click the link above to learn more about Thrive Themes and how it can help you build your sales funnel in record time for the best budget. Now watch this Thrive Themes vs ClickFunnels video review to see the battle between ClickFunnels and Thrive Themes Architect and which one wins the battle!

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    27 replies to "Thrive Themes vs ClickFunnels – Thrive Themes Is Better (Why I Left ClickFunnels)"

    • dexter choo

      can thrive do all the upsells and downsells?

    • newbreedk9com

      Great video as a former click Funnels guy, I can say it set the standard when it came out, now seems customer service is lacking and they kinda got too big. I have just learned Thrive and Jason is 100000% right "owning the content is key" Take it from a guy that just produced an App.

    • Александр Евстафьев

      Thanks man! You saved me $$$$ 🙂

    • Daniel Perez

      Yah but how does Thrive compare to Click Funnels in the funnel aspect of giving ppl browsing your landing page 1st, 2nd, or 3rd follow -up opprtunity to click on your landing page

    • Liz Miller

      Which single wordpress plugins would turn elementor into a good allround funnel page?

    • kiril kiril

      Great review! Got a question for you, how does Thrive effect load times? I've read Thrive bloats up the code. Let me know your experience .

    • Phan Lan

      Hello Jason I singed up with Thrive theme just 3 days ago. I am in the member dashboard study and practice. Suddenly I got the message from Wordfence that I got blocked and do not know why ?? until now I can not access to member dashboard. I sent email to Shane and support but No response Please help and advise . Thank you

    • going2sleep

      You should’ve delved deeper in email marketing integration. Thrive themes is great at that. All one needs is mautic (free) and thrive themes (have a client pay for it).

    • Crim Virt

      Try Conversion pros, it's all in one, and it's only $50 a month

    • Maximilian Pütz

      whats that engine thing you talk about at the end ?

    • Dave Hayes

      Great video, with some great explanations and its nice to know that you have the same 5 reasons I did for changing from CF to TT. I should add, I had TT first, but took advantage of the 14 day CF trial, but cancelled it and remain with TT even now, as they also allow you to build funnels you have control over

    • TheShogunBlade

      Does Thrive Theme have an email campaign system built-in?

    • Frau K.

      Thanks for the great Video! I have one question. I have an Blog with a special Theme. Now I want to build a separate landing page for Led generation. Do I need a new subdomain (landingpage.blog.com) or can I use the blog.com/landingpage without destroying the blog's theme? I would really appreciate your answer! Greetings from Germany. 😉

    • Get Massive Sales with Vivek

      in thrive themes, – webinar registration page, how do i include multiple timings of webinar ? I want to do a webinar 3 times in the next 10 days. And I want people to choose the best one for them?

    • killercam126

      Hey man, love the video! was wondering how (on thrive) i can create multiple landing pages if I have multiple clients- will I need to create subdomains or can I just run traffic straight to multiple landing pages?

    • Andrew

      I’ve used both. I can build better quality sales funnels faster using Thrive Themes. You get idiots desperate for their affiliate commissions telling WordPress users to ditch everything and move to ClickFunnels. Such a stupid thing to do.

    • Gajanand Makwana

      nice video Jason between TT vs Click funnels…. thanks

    • Dudley Sylvain

      I think you have the best videos on the comparisons.. But Can't seem to find anyone who can show how Thrive Themes can help you build FULLY Optimized SALES funnel on a wordpress theme (Thrive Theme) Faster and Easier than on clickfunnels tho with out the headaches of trying to connect a bunch of things to make it optimized functionally.. Takes more work and thinking to do that type of thing on WordPress and its themes.. These themes are trying to position themselves as Funnel building but they are really beautiful pages "Aesthetically Designed" around the Funnel Concept.. Thrive makes awesome pages and their membership gives access to some cool plug ins.. THAT is their Core Strength. Its not a funnel builder, it may position complimentary pages next to each other, but the acutal building of sales funnels is not their core thing.. We have to figure how to put it together.. But from set up to FULLY SALES OPTIMIZED FUNNEL that takes someone up the value ladder..From the landing opt in to the sales page variations, to the The sales page bumps, 2 step orders, OTO's, ONE CLICK Upsells and Downsells, Thank You, Downloads, Webinar Registrations, Product Launches, Membership registrations, split testing on all my funnel steps for profit optimization and the ease of integrations etc.. All CONNECTED FOR YOU and easily redisigned, The actual funnel creation is CF's core strength. They make it much easier and visual, you see the steps, I don't have to do anything to connect them and can create automations within them.. Their core isn't the sales page builder, its the FUNNEL structures itself. If someone wanted to just make an optin to download page or sales page, and watch a couple tutorials on how to connect and make it work, then Thrive would be good enough AND gorgeous at the same time with some bells and whistles.. I actually think they should work together.. Take the best of both worlds.. Build a nice Home page and Awesome Looking blog whose domain and content you fully control, and is fully SEO'd to maximize traffic… Then direct that traffic (using some of the bells and whistles) to FULLY Structured and Optimized Sales Funnels in CF.. To add more leverage, as you develop and optimize those funnels, upgrade and share it with affiliates so they can drive more traffic, which will be fully managed on that platform… When your tribe grows, to a certain point the full suite is actually a better deal then all the other options out there in terms of cost. A couple of affiliate sales can pay for it, so having that option would make it free.. So I guess, it all boils down perspective.. Great, Honest Videos! Keep it Up!

    • Aleno Oliveira

      Hi Jason! Thanks for the video! Thinking about now which one to choose.
      950usd is a LOT.
      Appreciate your content! Regards!

    • Farrukh Sheikh

      Great info. Thx. I am totally new to all this. I have purchased Thrive Architect. Do I also need Thrive Themes? I hear WooCommerce works with TT. So, where will I build information web pages, in TT or WooCommerce?? Terribly confused. And I don't like a monthly fee idea. I want to pay once. Thanks in advance.

    • Andres Agredo

      do i need to start with wordpress then add the pluggings? or Can I start all at Thrive site?

    • Dogukan Olgun

      I am going to buy the $19 a month membership from thrive themes. If anyone wants to share we can do $10 and $10

    • E REDDI

      Have you tried conversion pro?

    • Lyndon Smith

      Wow! Thank you!

    • The Anti Marketer

      Totally agree Jason – even though I help people with any marketing software – Thrive is my go to product. It will do everything! I try to get all of my clients on it because it is the best.

    • Moe Ahsan

      Hi Jason! Thanks for the great video as always!! I am going to work with more Affiliate links for my source of income. Does Thrive Theme and WP Engine support Affiliate links. Mailchimp doesn’t support Affiliate Marketing or links with lead pages. Thanks

    • Krisztian Marta

      This review is totally superficial. (Said as a Thrive user)

      Clickfunnels have two features that Thrive does not.

      – Shopping cart
      – Funnel builder with analytics

      Without this two features, Thrive is just a good page builder with lot of cool other features, but NOT a funnel builder!

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