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Thrive Ultimatum – WordPress Countdown Timer from Thrive Themes

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Thrive Ultimatum is a WordPress Countdown plugin to simply make and place really smart scarcity timers on your WordPress website. You can define actually where, how and when your timers are shown.
Present your unique limited time offers all through your website to get focus of more visitors towards your unique offers and produce more sales.

Or, if you favor, only display the countdowns on particular pages, in blog posts of exact categories or by any other criteria. The bottom line is that you can show the perfect offer to the best audience at the right time.

?? Thrive ultimatum features-

? Designs
Ultimatum comes with sixteen expert designs for use as bottom or top ribbon. The same designs are also accessible for widget to offer a consistent feel and look for your timers. For shortcodes twelve different styles are accessible. Thrive themes will continue including more designs to pick from. You can pick to sue them as it is or edit them.

? Fixed date campaigns
These kinds of campaigns are remarkable for running promotions which have specific begin and end date. Generally these will be one time promotional campaigns and you can use them to market a sale, a launch offer, and restricted availability kind of promotions.

Thrive Ultimatum – WordPress Countdown Timer from Thrive Themes
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? Evergreen campaigns with lockdown spec
With lockdown, you can direct the visitor to an offer and tell them that it will go away permanently once their WordPress countdown hits zero. This type of lockdown is not cheatable and the user cannot avail the offer by signing up again with different email IDs or using a different website browser.

The power of the lockdown spec permits you to make real scarcity which supports you build more believe with your visitors.

? Placements
Thrive ultimatum permits you to show timers in the bottom or top areas of your site. These are floating ribbon kind display places which stay in view even as the visitor scrolls via the page.
Wordpress countdown timer can also be showed in the widget areas of your WordPress site.

Thrive Ultimatum offers a widget that makes it simple for you to pick which countdown timers emerge in which widget areas of your site. If you have access to Thrive Clever Widgets, you can also specify actually which pages and posts these timers appear on.

Thrive Ultimatum – WordPress Countdown Timer from Thrive Themes
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? Translate into your own language
The capability to pick your time zone and translate WordPress timers and campaigns into your own language permits you to build campaigns which are more relatable to your site audience. These specs are especially helpful for place and language specific sites.

? End campaign

A best way to lose a customer is keep showing them WordPress countdowns and offers for things they have already done, like registration to your email list or make a purchase. Removing the timers when their aim has been met makes your site perfect and your visitors happier.

When creating a fresh campaign you can define the campaign aims like email sign up or a visit to a particular page as the goal of the campaign and Thrive Ultimatum will prevent displaying timers for that campaign to visitors who have met the campaign aim.

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Thrive Ultimatum – WordPress Countdown Timer from Thrive Themes
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