Thrive Ultimatum Review Video 4 of 8 – Display Options To Create Urgency
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In this video review series I take a deep look at the new WordPress scarcity plugin from Thrive Themes, Thrive Ultimatum and share why I think this plugin is a game changer.

Scarcity marketing works extremely well, so why would you limit yourself to only using it once?

With Thrive Ultimatum, you can manage and run an unlimited number of campaigns and even mix different campaign types. Different visitors to your site could be seeing different special offers, depending on where in your funnel they are, what interests they’ve shown or which part of your site they visit.​

What’s the point of having a special offer if no one knows about it?

With Thrive Ultimatum, you can easily advertise your special offers all across your site. Easily show countdown timers in widget areas or floating banners to draw more visitors towards your special offer and generate more sales.

Or, if you prefer, only show the countdowns on specific pages, in blog posts of specific categories or by any other criterium. The bottom line is that you can show the right offer to the right audience at the right time.

All of my opinions in this video are my own, I was not paid to make this video. Whenever there is a link in any of my videos, if there is an affiliate program available, it’s safe to assume that you are clicking on an affiliate link. Please check my website for any associated bonus I may be offering, for supporting me, or ask in the comments below.

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