In this video, ill cover some of the best membership plugins that i came across using wordpress! Below Are Some Of The Wordress Plugins!
1.Ultimate MemberShip Pro:
5.PaidMemberShip Pro:
7.Private Content:

I think the best plugins on this list are probably the top two, ultimatemembership pro and memberpress. I will be having a tutorial on the ultimate membership pro plugin next month because i felt that it was the easiest to use membership plugin for wordpress.

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    22 replies to "Top 7 Best Membership Plugins For WordPress!"

    • Darrel Wilson

      Hey guys, thanks for watching! If you liked this list give me a thumbs up and also let me know of any plugins that you used to create a membership website!

    • Amar Musleh

      nice video, hey are you going to do a tutorial for ultimate membership pro plugin?

    • Andrew Rodriguez

      awesome video! Now can all of these plugins are compatible with the Divi theme? If not then which ones are ? Thanks again Darrel!

    • Pelle Karlsson

      How do I add video on a membersite and how do I protect them?

    • Amanda Duncan

      I'm wondering why you said "Don't use woocommerce?"

    • NK GOLA

      Hi bro . worpress site p ek proble ho gye hai. koi solution hai. m wordpress site p donain ka url www m karna chahata tha kyuki phele website ka domain without www k tha. maine usko .htaccess file m koding dale the . url to www k sath ho gye but run nhi kar rha hai. na to www k sath na without www k sath . ab home chal nhi rha hai bro. inner page to chal rhe hai . but home page nhi chal rha . or na wordpress/wp-admin s login bhi nhi rha hai .. koi solution hai to bhai btana. …

    • Dan Tetreault

      Member press and ARmember ultimate member (support may suck)!

    • Simon Burley

      You talk about pm pro then click to memberlite to talk about the layouts. Is that the same plugin? Or was that a mistake?

    • jacko89d

      Can you do an updated video about wordpress speed load? With all these plugins speed is becoming a weakness with high bounce rates. Maybe theme choice, hosting provider, plugins, and size play a big role in speed load. Am even thinking about stopping to use wordpress and making a custom landing page for that reason.

      Update: I found a couple videos but no one video talking about all causes mentioned.

    • Hadi Sanad

      Thanks for this great vedio , because of you i bought the Ultimate membership pro .

    • Stavros Vorkas

      dont use woo? why?

    • Aicx Medina

      Hope you can do a tutorial for Memberium..

    • Sanan Kazimov

      Hi Darrel! First of all, I adore your videos, your way to explain things, you are great! Could you please recommend me preferably free (or very cheap) user registration plugin? I'm a newbie, and with very low budget as well). Has basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, but no JS. My purpose to make a website, with user accounts, chatting between users, publication photos (4-5 per account). It's gonna be NO COMMERCIAL website, so there won't be any need for payment section, nor e-mail marketing features. What would I need – e-mail verification, social login, conditional logic… etc. as far I 'd remember)


      I definetley go with paid membership pro, awesome video, btw why I didn't get any notifications?? I am subscriber and notifications on!

    • Hipsters Network

      which are best affiliate plugins please make a video on that currently making an affiliate website .. Love from India.

    • andrew mckim

      Great video. I'm curious though, early on you admonished us to not integrate it with WooCommerce. I wonder if you'd care to elaborate. Were you referring to that specific membership plugin, or were you trying to warn us about something to do with Woocommerce itself?

    • Joseph Norris

      What's bad about Woocommerce?

    • Wichal Rangai

      Why not use WooCommerce?

    • Harvey Gordon

      How come nobody, and I mean nobody ever mentions Digital Access Pass? Is it because of an affiliate issue? Would appreciate your comments. -Best. -hg

    • Truth Trill

      Ill try the cheap ones for you!

    • tallandhandsome29

      Thanks Darrel. Awesome content delivered in a way that a person who is not too technical like me can understand.

    • Kombinatsiya

      D, have you ever set up WP for a salong/massage parlor with booking? Christ is it difficult to find a plugin with great design and usability that doesn't totally kill WP's performance. Any suggestions?

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