In this video, I’ll go through my top 10 tools and platforms for SELLING DIGITAL PRODUCTS ONLINE as well as how to CREATE DIGITAL PRODUCTS OR COURSES using top platforms and tools that I recommend you start with.

Are you looking for a digital product selling platform? Do you want to learn what tools you can use for selling digital products online?

I’ll share my top 10 best tools, resources, and platforms to for your digital products business.

I’ll also share tips on selling digital products on WordPress as well as how to create digital product from PLR.


1. SmartMocksups:
2. Canva
3. Google Docs and the Google Suite of apps
4. Designrr:
5. Landing page creators – LeadPages, OptimizePress. I also recommend Elementor.
6. Digital delivery system – E-junkie, WordPress Media Library. Other choices: JVZoo and WarriorPlus.
7. ScreenFlow or Camtasia
8. PLR content
9. Notion
10. UpWork and Fiverr


Private Label Content:


Designrr – Ebook interior design tool (create ebooks from blogs or Word doc):

Ebook cover mockup tool I love:

or sign up for a free 30-day trial of Canva PRO:

Google Docs:








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    • Aurelius Tjin

      Thanks for watching! What questions do you have regarding digital product creation? Comment below. A full list of all the tools and resources I mentioned in this video available in the description box! Happy creating 🤓

    • hey Simmone

      Great stuff. I'm binging your channel.

    • Mosa M

      I'm not even done with this video but I am already excited. Thank you so much for this😭🙏

    • Sandra Di

      Wow this list was super helpful. I sell digital products on Etsy but there's some tips here I didn't think about. Great video 🙂

    • ADHD Patrick

      Wow thank you! I just got Designrr because you mentioned it, cant wait to start creating my ebook!

    • Carolyn Niemann

      Thank you! 😁👍

    • cubement

      Downvoted this because I was looking for platforms to SELL Documents, NOT design.. wtf?

    • Valentina Riccardi

      You can actually create quick basic landing pages with google sites for free (+ the cost of the domain)

    • Fanakios Marketopolous

      great tools, Aurelius!Thanks for sharing

    • Johnny Boyd

      Checkout Cartflows for a WordPress option. They have a FREE option and this product is awesome as it allows you to create beautiful checkout flows complete with upsells, cross sells and downsells.

    • Johnny Boyd

      How does Designerr compare to Sqribble

    • HOME with JOY

      What website you highly recommend for creating your own membership website? Thank you for your time👍

    • Oscar Spearman Photography

      Great video. I was searching for ways to create digital mockups, and stumbled upon this video. I received more than what I was searching for. I'm a new subscriber. Thanks for sharing.

    • Richard Kawane

      Love your work Aurelius, you are the master of the over deliver!

    • Hollowayformula Ted Rock

      Do you train people how to do this?

    • AceBreakz

      Hey Aurelius, thanks for another good video! Some of the tools I use; Canva, and I use it in conjunction with Pixlr, which is an online photo editor that has a powerful FREE plan as well as 2 tiers of paid plans offering monthly/yearly plans. I just purchased using PageDyno which is a page builder and I like it so far. I also recently purchased GrooveKart to use as a place to host digital and physical products w/cart function and e-commerce store builder. Aweber is an awesome autoresponder which I use and do recommend. Google docs is a great FREE tool as you mentioned. I'm now looking forward to checking out Designrr and eJunkie per your recommendation. Lastly, I am a member of Unstoppable PLR which, as you know, is a great membership site run by Aurelius himself. I take advantage of amazing PLR content that we as members have access to as well as the wealth of knowledge that Aurelius and the other community members openly share along their journey through the digital marketing world.

    • Mechas Pelaez

      Many Thanks Aurelius for your kind instructions. All my best.

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