In this fast affiliate tutorial I do a step-by-step walk through of HOW TO MAKE MONEY FAST ONLINE with a super simple affiliate marketing campaign setup.

This is the fastest way to get setup online with a fighting chance to make money ! (NO Experience Required)

You are going to learn a “bare bones” method on how to make money online while promoting a recurring affiliate program.

These are the tools you will need:
Get Your $100 Bing Ad Credit –
Get Your Premium Training, Direct Help & Templates –
Get Your Domain & Hosting Account –
Get Your Optimizepress 3.0 account –

That’s it – This should take you no more than a couple hours to set up!

If you are starting from absolute scratch and you follow all the steps to make this work, you will spend NO MORE than $225 on all the tools and resources needed to get this set up, and you will get $100 back in advertising credit!

This is all explained before we get into the steps to set up the method.

I show how to quickly set up a potential passive income stream with a recurring affiliate offer, by promoting it on paid SEARCH traffic.


The information contained on this YouTube Channel and the resources available for download/viewing through this YouTube Channel are for educational and informational purposes only.

    13 replies to "Turn $225 into $,$$$,$$$ – How to Make Money Fast Online – Passive Income Stream"

    • Itz An Opinion

      Don't forget you need to have some type of Tracking Software so you know what is working and what's not working. It can be ClickMagick , Voluum , Bemob or whatever else is out there!

    • Philip Osborn

      Can this be done strictly from a phone?

    • Bossking

      So Joey is it necessary to implement tracking into this campaign? I want to try and optimize as much as possible. I know the landing page you use is a listicle but they pretty much should use the same affiliate link one each one. So how would you set something like that up in a tracking program like CPV or Bemob?

      P.S. Premium member here!

    • Quaranteam

      That cpa dashboard looks like a whitelabel one ?

    • Kevin Pardo

      thanks Joey!

    • Prattay Saha

      Is there any other landing page available, cause the social traffic source I am using, is not approving this page

    • No Excuses Marketing

      Excellent video!

    • Prattay Saha

      I had taken action and made the website, but I didn't used optimize press for this used elementor, put the ads , they are under review now, as soon as it get approved I will start to drive traffic, and hope some get convert as well.

    • Sklau96

      what verticals do you recommend for beginners on bing? (ones that don't require cloaking, hard to get approved, etc)

    • Bene88

      Joey I watched ralfs smilsarajs speech and after that I found your Channel do you really teach without hiding anything? Because many mentors does that do you teach Native ads? Spying on competition how to improve their ads and advertise on other Networks besides the 3 big ones like Bing Goodle or Facebook like Outbrain Adcash or Taboola? Thank you!

    • Kevin A.

      Do you have creatives for your program? ?

    • Donovan Jarvis

      Joey's the man


      Great video Joey – love your content man!

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