This video tutorial shows you how to build an ultraclean OptimizePress 2.0 landing page from scratch.

You can find the full written instructions:

00:00 – Launch OP 2.0 page builder
00:16 – Choosing template style 1 {Full Width}
00:24 – Typography settings {Font: Open Sans, Arial}
00:52 – Setting Up Row #1 and the necessary elements
04:14 – Setting Up Row #2 and the necessary elements
10:12 – Cloning Row #1 to set up the final Row #3
11:24 – Publish the landing page and view the design
11:50 – Testing mobile responsive of the landing page

Hope you find it helpful in your online business.

*Want to see how I create a simple yet elegant opt-in page from scratch? Watch this demo here:

**Want to learn how to build a professionally looking OP 3.0 landing page? I showed you click-by-click at here:

***OptimizePress 3.0 is finally here. Please visit: to see how this powerful tool can help your online business.

    6 replies to "[Tutorial] How To Build OptimizePress 2.0 Landing Page"

    • NinjaMarketing

      KM Lee I have been struggling with this software a bit because the tutorials weren't exactly great and I even began to regret buying it. But you have helped me to see the power of this software and how easy it is to do things when you know how. You rock dude.

    • Beatkitchen

      Thanks so mich for this… Keep up the good work!

    • Alex W

      Definitely got value from this. Simple and easy. Just be sure to put your voice in next time man, would be even better explaining! Used the benefits part in my landing page. 

    • Mark Conger

      This video is more infotainment than a tutorial.  It serves more as proof that something can be done with OP2 rather than actually teaching what's going on.

    • Donald Linneman

      Thank you for the tutorial, btw. 

    • Donald Linneman

      When you enter the first box with the image with the text aside, I noticed you have some graphics you put there. Is there a way I can get a link to those graphics? It's difficult to finish the page without those specific graphics and trying to create custom ones don't seem to jive as well. 

      Perhaps you could include a link to download the graphics? 🙂

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