This video tutorial shows you how to build a 2-tier OptimizePress 2.0 membership site in few simple steps.

You may find the full written instructions:

0:00 – Creating your membership homepage
1:27 – Creating your module page
3:47 – Creating your content page
5:23 – Membership site overview

Hope you find this OptimizePress 2.0 membership tutorial useful.

Here’s the newest tutorial on how to set up OP 2.0 with OptimizeMember:

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***OptimizePress 3.0 is finally here. Please visit: to see how this powerful tool can help your online business.

    16 replies to "[Tutorial] How To Build OptimizePress 2.0 Membership Site"

    • The Steps Of Entrepreneurship

      Do you know what man I learnt more off you than I did anyone else thank you mate

    • Ran Ran

      nice video, thank you 🙂

    • hydronicrocker

      Thankyou 🙂

    • Ady Lopez

      Hi KM, I'm working with optimizePress, but I need some help, Could you help me?, how to put a paginator in module page? Thanks a lot.

    • mauro mirti

      Very nice 🙂 Thanks a lot…can I ask you how to chance the content list order once pubblished ? I've seen that you use WP order but I couldn't understand how to change the order of the published membership contents after they are published under the product. I have a list of 6 contents and I need to reorder them. Thanks a lot

    • Suresh Kumar G

      Thanks man, the things are pretty complicated for beginners But a video can make it very simpler.

    • Cliff Woodage

      ah you done it again lol  and even more great music .. thanks KM Lee

    • The Design Coach Series

      I couldn't have done it without you! Thanks.

    • Brett Moran

      Just found it!!! BOOM! 

    • Brett Moran

      Hey man thanks for the training EPIC SHIZZLE! One question, how do I change the thumbnail for the modules if I never set it when I created the page? PEACE 🙂 

    • Julia Hidy

      Awesome video!  You are very precise, thorough, and clear,+KM Lee.  I enjoyed the music too.  Appreciate your taking the time do this for us.  I'll be checking out your other videos you'd mentioned in the 'About' area.  

    • John Kyle

      Seriously, this helped a ton. Thank you.

    • Malloy Walker

      Hey bro. Great video! And the music is great too …. what is it called ! Where can I get a copy !

    • Veronika Jüssi

      Thank you – you are a life saver! Out of all the tutorials I found, yours is the only really useful one. I followed it step-by-step and was finally able to set up my membership site.
      I had no problem with the fast pace and the music – I simply paused the video where-ever needed and did that particular part on my own site – and continued watching the video until the next step that had to be done. No slow and boring talk and chit-chat, straight to the biz, lovely.

    • Michael Tremba

      This was so kind of you-thanks for sharing!

    • Alfonso Castro

      Good Video, very helpful and the written instructions too

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