Ultimate Membership Pro offers impressive features and outstanding value for the WordPress user who wants to build their own membership site and earn recurring income from their content.
Find more information about Ultimate Membership Pro here: http://www.wpmayor.com/ultimate-membership-pro-review

    10 replies to "Ultimate Membership Pro Review"

    • Voivi

      Not really a review at all. More of a how to. If you want to customize most of the preset templates in Ultimate Membership Pro, be prepared to spend many hours delving and custom CSS. That's the one major downside of this otherwise good plugin.
      If your not comfortable with custom CSS or have no experience in this area, I would suggest looking elsewhere.


      Hi, thanks for the great video! I have a question: I use Optimizepress, but don´t wanna use Optimizemember. So can I use Optimizepress pages with the Ultimate Membership Pro Plugin to create my members area?

    • PeeR

      Hi! My users don't receive notifications when the year of their plan is over. What must I do plz ?

    • Arthur Morehead

      Can members have their own galleries?

    • Gravity Golf

      Do you freelance to buildout membership?

    • Mr. Feathersmith

      Hi David, I got confused now Paid Memberships Pro vs Ultimate Membership Pro. Any suggestions?

    • David Coleman

      Hi Guys,

      David Coleman here. I just wanted to say that I'm glad you found the video helpful, and I appreciate the kind comments.

      All the best!

    • Rivos Tech

      Great video!

    • JSalamndr

      Very useful! After setting up the pages, I was a bit overwhelmed with what I should do next on this plugin. This video was a huge help!

      I'd suggest calling this video a "walkthrough" or "tutorial" instead of "review" though. I almost didn't click on it because I wasn't really looking for a review.

    • Athlete On Fire

      Lifesaver! Thanks for taking the time!

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