This is so easy but everyone thinks it’s difficult!!!

(It used to be a lot harder, believe me. It used to be called Google Website Optimizer and you had to put code in three different places.)

Now all you have to do is go to Google Analytics and, on the left hand side, under Content, click Experiments.

All you need is three pages. Your Original (squeeze page or sales page), The Variation (of the original squeeze page or sales page) and the Success Page (the page the visitor ends up on when they have done something you wanted them to (sign-up success page or thank you page after a purchase).

Once you’ve entered those 3 URLs you have to put some code into one of the page — the Original.

And that’s it!

    4 replies to "Using Google Experiments to Split Test a Web Page"

    • Rob Cubbon

      No problem, Thomas

    • Rob Cubbon

      Thank you.
      1) I really don't think Google has got this working perfectly. There do seem to be issues like this.
      2) Correct. You used to have to put code on the variation page before when it was Google Optimizer. At least now it's slightly easier to set up.

    • arthouse films

      Great job. Thanks so much for posting this! I really appreciate it. Two questions:
      1) Why does it give the missing code error? (But I see how you proved it was there)
      2) I take it I don't need to put the code on the variation page, right?

    • Rob Cubbon

      No, you can use a goal that's already set up and no, as you spotted, the code only has to go on the first page. (Previously it had to go on all three pages).

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