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There are many services you can use to help to rank the flooded site once it is built out some of the gig I use are for PBN links (actually my service) and a powerful syndwire blast.

Here’s a list of cities in the US on wikipedia, I’m sure a little digging will find cities of other countries if you wish to target those

Web 2.0 Links

Sydnwire blast

    10 replies to "Using Source Flood – Local SEO WordPress Plugin"

    • Des Moines SEO Rockstars

      FYI: in your hover box with the link to your website, you've misspelled Competitors. There's no "D" fella. ­čśë

    • Chase Reiner SEO

      Great work this is great SEO info. What do you think about my playlists? I love to discuss SEO, SEM, and SMM concealed techniques as well.

    • Alex Serrano

      Hey:) Very cool stuff. How's it going? Hey there:) I enjoyed your channel. How's it going?

    • velljo

      My apologies mate, a plugin was interfering with the source flood plugin. Sorry mate. Few things this plugin doesnt do though. It doesnt change the Meta description and meta title. It also doesnt replace the word if its a capital letter for example "PLUMBER BANKSTOWN" will just be "PLUMBER bankstown"

    • Jeremy Murphy

      Seems to only work on PAGES and NOT POSTS……anyone have a diff experience?

    • James Emilian

      Hey!! Everything's fine except that I can't see the Custom Shortcode Title Metabox when creating the new page. What should I do?

    • Manivasagam Manivel

      HI won't it cause Duplicate Content Issue with Google ? Since we're just changing keywords, and the content remain same for all pages we create ?

    • Tiberius Stanescu

      Hi, is there a suggested limit to a amount of pages created/day ? I would not want to over do it! Thanks!

    • Cynthia Malivert

      quick question I am trying to search for the source flood plugin but I cannot find it can you let me know what keyword you used to find it ?

    • The Lash CEO

      HI, any ideas as to why the Source FLood box isn't showing up on my new post page or page creation? I only see it to the left where all of my tools and menu's are…

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