How to use the ConvertKit WordPress plugin to add forms and landing pages to your site.

Read more about the process here:

And find out more about ConvertKit at

    11 replies to "Using the ConvertKit WordPress plugin to add forms and landing pages to your site"

    • Moneyball Austin

      My left ear really enjoyed this.

    • Kathleen Lloyd

      Thanks! I just listened to you as I pottered around, and then when it came time to do the tech stuff, I found the vid really helpful. Must be a learning style thing. Your voice is really clear, precise and great to listen to.

    • SCARLO BECK Folsom

      Thank you, this helped but the system disagrees with you. On my blog posts it allows for a landing page or form. On top of this, I have had no success with the forms working whatsoever. The landing page DID work too well. Otherwise it is a very helpful tutorial.

    • Sarah Betsy

      This was exactly what I needed, thank you!

    • Shirelle Edghill

      Thank you so much! I was having a hard time getting this set up, and this tutorial was just what I needed!

    • Pedro Cezar

      didnt work for me

    • WP Cupid Blog - WordPress Tutorials

      Awesome! Great tutorial!

    • LifeCycleStyled

      Do you have a the same video but actually showing the results of the form on the blogpost?

    • Josephine Faulk

      I have designed two websites on my own and I cannot even follow what is going on here. I don't want the landing page to replace my homepage. I want a link on my homepage to take readers to a landing page where they can subscribe. Help?

    • Sam Nuku

      its not working for me. convertkit is really frustrating. if i had any idea i would never have got it

    • Matthias Schwehm Selbstbewusstseinsbremsen lösen

      Great tutorial! 🙂

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