Are you unsure on how to create a lead capture page that converts into leads and ultimately buyers? Maybe you do not know html, ftp, web design or other components needed to create a great lead capture and online presence.

Do NOT worry! Our Prospecting system is professionally designed and ridiculously simple to use. We guarantee that you will be able to use our lead capture system, with just a few clicks of a mouse, to build a massive email contact list.

You see, we wanted to create a truly turnkey system that integrated seamlessly with our bulk mailing software. It’s fine and dandy to have a bulk mailer, but you must have a front end professionally designed system that will convert your visitors into leads.

How is this different than a regular “lead”? This is the best contact you could want because they fill out YOUR form and expect to be contacted by YOU. So it is not a “lead” at all. It is a warm contact making this a system that is fool-proof and completely automated. This automated system gives a human touch to marketing. Real offers coming from real people are what folks are always looking for.

The only difference between success and failure online is the size of your leads list also known as your email marketing list. Our prospecting system in combination with our bulk mailing software will build your list in the thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands.

– Professionally Created Custom Video Lead Capture Pages

– Ad copy Written for you

– Sense of Urgency “Take Action” Content

– Brilliant Colors

– Connected to your Autoresponder

– Multiple Templates to choose from

– Simple to set up


Turning Web hosting Essentials Into An Automated Profit Machine!

Rock solid web hosting + 6 of the most powerful business building tools on the planet! All in one location under one powerful web hosting account!

The video you just watched is just one of 6 SIX Services available to you if you decide on signing up:

1. Eresponder Pro…. All Included! – 5 Campaigns 500 Subscribers
2. Blogger Builder….All Included! – Create up to 4 Profit Pulling Blogs
3. Easy Video Producer….All Included! – Create up to 5 killer videos
4. VIDEO Conference…All Included! – GVO Conference with up to 5 Attendees
5. “Leads Capture” Prospecting System…All Included!
6. Top Internet-Marketing Training at GVO Academy…All Included!

Review all the video presentation now at:

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