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    • Joel Cole

      Must be a relly low budget operation since they couldn't afford a voiceover for the video.

    • Gary K

      Looks great for the money but would like to see what marketing graphics there are and can I create pricing tables on the landing page?

    • Joel Ushoa

      Resell Rights?

    • CBCintl

      Does InstaBuilder work only with WordPress or can it be used with other website builders?

    • Justine Antoinette

      You really do some beautiful work Suzanna – I've just looked at your demo for InstaMember last night that launches this 24th June (plug) and like InstaBuilder it's an absolute must have. Good luck with the launch! Though I think you guys will not need it ..

    • Tweet 2 Tweet

      I wouldn't pay that much for your plug in, I have one just like it, got it for $9 bucks

    • suzanna theresia

      Yes you can upload your own background image for your page.

    • sdmarketinginc

      Can u create a custom background (jpeg) for your capture age?

    • asahinavideo

      They probably used Adobe After Effects.

    • Patrick Couturier

      wow that look really nice, I may give it a try soon

    • Les Saunders

      Looks really Awesome…In fact DYNOMITE!!!

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