Create a Video Affiliate Site in WordPress in Under 60 Seconds!

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What if you could just enter 1 keyword and have a complete video site built for you in seconds? Automatically search in the top YouTube channels in your niche, and post their popular videos right on your site?

Automatically add relevant affiliate links to your video posts and earn affiliate commissions on complete autopilot, from a video site that updates itself each and every day.

A complete set-and-forget WordPress plugin that builds fully autopilot video sites for you. 100% newbie-friendly.

Watch my review video and see how it works. You can setup a brand-new autopilot video site in under 60 seconds.

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    6 replies to "Video Site Builder WordPress Plugin: 1 Click Video Site Builder"

    • Joseph Douglas Nolan

      Is it possible to put a source link below the description in template area. I would like to remove the link in the description but give attribution below the description.

    • william culhane

      I see at the end you load the post to your blog but how does it get uploaded to utube. thanks..

    • Unheilig850

      Hello! What is the theme for wordpress?

    • Borga Mucielli

      it sucks, it brought up all kinds of non related videos. you told it 5 and it got 50 useless vids. sucks we have to manually enter our affiliate links for every single post. or for every different product. make it auto enter our jvzoo affiliate ids. and cb ids. why dont you guys show real live working money making product in action. your demo did nothing for me. 🙁

    • cigar70665

      Thanks for your review.  More importantly, thanks for being upfront about the "Pro" version and what it does vs. the basic.  There is nothing that destroys credibility for me than opting in to purchase something only to be 'upsold' to.  Especially when I find out that the demo was based on functions available on a more expensive version.  Thanks again….Keith Y

    • Hans Brinkman

      Hi Keith,

      Thanks for your review, i just bought the tool via your affl. link, however your bonusses are not there yet in JvZoo ??

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