4 replies to "Watch As We Map Out And Build A “Free Plus Shipping” Funnel For Our “Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook”."

    • lindy swanson

      Are you using the name ETISON because Edison tried and failed a whole bunch of times before he actually succeeded, but he persevered to find the way that worked?

    • David Roman Art

      This whole time I thought it was an actual cook book haha! Maybe smoothies for ultimate business performance or something.. lol I thought it was weird but I'd buy whatever you put out..

    • Terrell Jones

      [Random and Stupid Question Russell] – When doing my weekly webinars to figure out what offer my audience will respond to and buy, how do you know what offer you should actually create? Every week I'm testing different offers right? It could get tiring having 1 or 2 people buy each week and I have to create all of those different offers. Could you shed some light on how to specifically do this? Thanks and great episode today!!!!!

    • Julia Lindley

      So excited! A cookbook I'll actually use 🙂

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