for the best webinar tools for in-stream Countdown Timer and Active Units displays, tools for SME business owners looking to increase sales during a webinar broadcast using urgency and scarcity psychology to webinar special offers.

You can add Countdown timers to your real time offers during your live broadcast to inject urgency.

Countdown timers are proven sales tools that have been used for years by companies just like QVC. This tool can increase opt-ins and sales by creating a sense of urgency that there’s only a very limited time to act before the limited time offer expires.

The Active Units display tool tool tell webinar attendees how many units of your webinar special offer are remaining in real time.

This real time display compels more of your attendees to make a purchase decision or risk losing the chance of getting a webinar special offer at the very best price possible.

We are all psychologically programmed to act on this compulsion because of our fear of loss in missing out on a great bargain.

Countdown displays and active units are 2 very powerful tools for increasing conversions and sales on webinars and webcasts.

The software tools discussed in this video are provided as part of the Webinar Jam service.

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Webinar platforms like Cisco Webex, GoToWebinar, Webinar Jam, Google+ Hangouts On Air (Free service), , MegaMeeting, Cisco Connects, etc, each have there strengths and weaknesses and the real question for business owners to answer is which platform will best help to achieve their webinar objectives.

So when making a comparison between webinar services and platforms, consider also what tools they have at their disposal to help you to create more engaging webinars and which will help you to achieve your webinar objectives, e.g. Is it to increase brand awareness & customer loyalty, or to sell more of your products or services?

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