Reasons You Haven’t Integrated Your Apps Yet:

1) You don’t know code.
2) It’s too expensive and you can’t afford an IT team!
3) You’ve tried integration services and pesky duplicates always slip through.
4) You love manual data entry!

Just kidding on that last one – no one loves manual data entry! This webinar will cover QuickBooks Connect for Infusionsoft and how you can reap all the benefits of connecting your cloud apps without the drawbacks. Automate your workflow and save yourself hours of tedious labor, cut administrative costs, and enjoy more time to grow your business.

Our introduction to Workato webinar will take place every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. Join us for all you need to know about QuickBooks Connect for Infusionsoft as well as how you can leverage on Workato to power your own integrations.

– First 30 minutes: Introduction to QuickBooks Connect for Infusionsoft
– ext 30 minutes: Question and Answer

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