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    • Maria Perez Carrillo

      Enviarlo en español

    • nelson tayo

      Its never done until is Done

    • nelson tayo

      Its never done until is Done

    • DEFACTO9

      Well… this video is extremely slick… but webinar software just isnt that great, that said the service of this product seems to tick all the boxes despite using goggle handouts (7/10 Goggles video quality). If I can receive HD TV I should be able to receive and send excellent quality video but…

    • Rob Cubbon

      REally confusing UI. Especially setting up the webinars. 9 stages and you have to go through all nine if you want to change anything. And then you have a really confusing way to share the all important registration links. They present you with a test registration link that looks exactly the same as the real registration link.

      I told them about this and they said it was obvious. yeah, it's the customers fault. Why don't you specifically place the word "test" in the URL so it doesn't look like the registration URL? Why does the URL specifically have the word "registration" in it? Why don't you warn customers of this with the link?

      $400/year to do Google Hangouts which are free.

    • Boyce Watkins

      This platform appears to be the best I've seen anywhere. Nice job.

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