So we’re back again in 2017 discussing Windows 10 Security Vs. Linux Mint Security. Insuring that our system is secure when moving from Windows 10 to Linux Mint is important, but it doesn’t have to be complex or expensive.

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    8 replies to "Windows 10 Security Vs Linux Mint Security 2017: Linux Antivirus, Malware EP422"

    • Mike

      I've used windows for years, there always was a problem to solve, on a weekly basis, always something that didn't work, a huge waste of time and then, I took the road less traveled by and I installed Linux Mint, and boy, I've be satisfied ever since.

      Why do you use a computer? to watch movies, go on the web, work, do stuff. But if you have to repair something that doesn't work on a daily routine, it's not a computer anymore, it's a permanent problem to solve and you're wasting the most precious resource you have, namely your time.

      With Linux, you turn your computer on, you wait less than a minute and you can do whatever you want without being bothered like you used to be on windows, that's the power of Linux and that's one of the reasons why Windows is an old story, something I'm going to forget it has ever existed. Win10 is a spyware but more than that, it's an OS that you will have to maintain constantly and if you want to waste your time, be it, until the day you can't take it anymore. Since I installed Linux, my mind has been in peace cause I never worry about my computer, never have to attend to it, never get infected, never spied on, no updates stopping in the middle and having to restart the whole process, nothing of the sort, Linux brings you peace of mind because when you start it, you know it will start, you know you won't have blue screen of death, you know it will work and you won't have to keep it clean or else.

      On Linux, you will never have to face:
      – blue screens of death
      – computer that can't reboot,
      – viruses, malwares nor spywares, almost virus free
      – privacy concerns, namely data stolen from you and used by third parties
      – wasted time trying to fix one of the many issues on windows
      – windows updates stopping in the middle of the process
      – No reboot after updates
      – need for new drivers
      – internet connection issues
      – virus from downloading programs on the net
      – CPU at 100% nor overheating
      _ Slow connections

      Nobody makes money with Linux so you can be sure that Linux users' comments are free of bias.

    • Jeong-hun Sin

      Stop saying "OK", OK?

    • Expert In Cuntology

      Clamav is useless.

    • Sarmad Ahsan

      Very nice… Which os you are using now??? And which DE?

    • Rafał Kołodziejczyk

      Luks is more similar to bitlocker than the tools that you showcased, but overall great video.

    • wara wiri

      very good video!!!

    • emilward85

      One thing I would probably let your viewers know is that Sophos does not have a GUI. It has to be installed and ran in terminal. However, I personally use Sophos and I have caught Trojans using Sophos that Clamav has missed. Plus, Sophos runs in real time. So once you install it, it will run in the background with real-time monitoring. The only thing you need to do in terminal is running a scan on demand.

    • Someone Else

      I have found gufw in the System Settings, downmost row, 2nd from left, without having to install anything. I'm not too fond of using command line.

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