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Wordpress 5 Release Date – DON’T PANIC?

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The WordPress 5 release date has been bumped back a lot.

First, it was supposed to be the end of Summer 2018, then Nov 27th, 2018 and now Dec 6th, 2018.

If the Gutenberg update is released on the 6th, this video explains what I’m going to do.

And possibly why it’s a mistake for the WordPress team to release it now…

Link to article:

Link to Github Bugs:[Type]+Bug%22

Link to Github Issues:


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    17 replies to "WordPress 5 Release Date – Still 280 Open Bugs And 1,377 Open Issues With Gutenberg?"

    • Deepak Saini

      I have a website which uses WordPress. In Google Search Results, when you search for a post, the title of the link to the post is displayed as:

      Name-of-the-post – Site Title – Site name

      For example, the same is on the picture below:

      However, I want it to be

      Name-of-the-post | Site Title

      Initially, for Site title I used the address of the website and the result was:

      Name-of-the-post | Site address

      I also have Yoast Seo Plugin installed, but I do not find any settings there related to Google Search results.

      Is this something I can change, or is it up to Google to generate these titles?

    • Per Talk

      Hello team Work Tutorial
      I am following you since from last 6 months, Neve think about some help but this time I need your help… After installing WordPress Gutenberg my site images are not loading you can check pls help and reply fast cuz after some days images are showing 404 error
      And I love Gutenberg I am fine and comfortable with this version but my site is having issues…. specially with article images

    • Ranger Dash Productions

      I really don't like it. Going away from HTML sucks.

    • Lage Raho Guruji

      Sir is there any plugin for wordpress which stop vpn user to enter in our site …….

    • Dr. M. Kotb

      (Blank slate plugin ) is not working with wordpress 5 , is there an alternative please ?

    • Haifa Saleh

      i have updated my staging site to see what is going to happen , the site was fine but the dashboard didn't work at all , thanks god i didn't update the main site

    • Brian Gottier

      I've used WordPress for at least 10 years, and this is the worst "update" they've ever released.

    • giftedones1981

      If I don't update WordPress now. Should I keep updating my plugins and theme(s)?

    • Mylri Irlym

      Why would Matt Mullenweg and the great people of WordPress Developers release WP 5.0 if they don't think it is stable and ready. I think your video is misplaced and unnecessay. Sorry for being blunt!

    • Mark M

      Don't most WordPress installations after a certain version automatically update now?
      If so what does that mean for those who are wanting to hold back on this update?

    • Bruce Wilson

      Once again, you have provided extremely vital information. I am no longer panicked about the coming release of WordPress 5. As an imbedded WordPress user/developer/manager, I have been worried about "staying current", as Gutenberg is released, but i also like to sit back and let the anomalies fall. Thank you for your insight.

    • Karen Bennett

      Totally agree, not updating to 5 for a while. Are plugin and theme updates that come out after 5 is released based on 5? Should we continue to update plugins and themes after 5 is released if we have not updated to WP5?

    • AndyDOHD1

      Just wondered where I can switch off auto update of the WP? I think I'll wait until it is out for a wee while.

    • Mark M

      Too many bugs for me to even worry about. What's all the hype about I mean what's the big deal? I'm like you, I'll wait for best results. We all put too much hard work into our websites for anything bad to happen so the best thing to do is probably waiting

    • Erica Dyson

      Totally agree.

    • Ms Pabel

      If i update my present wordpress version then will it change my site design?

    • sartul

      Nice, I am really excited.

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