Comparing Thrive Content Builder vs. Visual Composer for WordPress
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    11 replies to "WordPress: Comparing Thrive Content Builder vs. Visual Composer"

    • Andoni Villarreal

      If I have content developed in Visual composer is there any way to pass it here?

    • Mustafa Noon

      Very helpful video!

    • Amer azt

      I know that you tried your best to sounds objective, but it was so obvious!
      You know what I mean.

      Now I don't mind thrive, I really don't, but its only good for simple or very simple sales landing page creation. It's not a content builder, visual composer is, but thrive is not. Come on man! those sad credit card buttons on first page! forth item on the right! this is how important those credit card icons are?! whatever happened to ?!! come on bro. this is too lame even for n00bs.

    • Rushin Shah

      hey your sound is really awesome can you tell which mic you are using

    • Rushin Shah

      hey your sound is really awesome can you tell which mic you are using

    • Paindoctor

      This was AWESOME! I really appreciated how, in the beginning you mentioned how WordPress is clunky and difficult to use. I am just starting with it, coming from Adobe Muse, which was so easy to learn and make beautiful websites from. WordPress is so restrictive, and rigid!!! Trying to find how to be creative, given all the boxes you have to use, etc. Question: Do you think that this Thrive Builder will be compatible with Intense Short Code Builder, which I think is made by the Visual Composer's same company? Intense gives the ability to add short code that is really useful, such as a Parallax area, etc.

    • David Cleveland

      you've neglected to tell your viewers that Visual Composer has a front end editor as well. In addition, there is Live Composer which is also a front end editor. Thrive lacks even basic things for modern editors, Google Fonts, for instance. Thrive is not better than visual composer, or Live Composer for that matter. It's still new and it's flaws are evident.

    • Viktor Iwan

      Adam.. i think you should compare visual composer's front end editor with thrive content builder… i think visual composer offers more flexibility

    • Randy Chavers

      Great video, Adam. I had purchased the Thrive product, then discoverd
      Visual Composer and wondered it I was missing anything. You saved me
      a lot of time…and I feel better about my choice. Thanks for the review!

    • Excel Solutions Asia

      Thanks Adam. I was looking for an alternate to Visual Editor! 

    • jacksonxbaj

      Thank for the video. I'm a complete technical novice that wants to build a word press site for my Cleaning business. I was looking at WIX because of its simplicity – but decided against it because of its expensive hosting cost & its horrible search engine optimization. Can I pretty much use thrive to build a complete web site from start to finish in word press – sort of in the same way that I could build a WIX website using WIX ?  If so are there any free totally blank themes I could use to accomplish this?

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