This is the best contact form builder for generating leads and growing your business.

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Follow these 3 simple steps to creating a great contact form that drives sales ?

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WordPress Form Plugin Tutorial For Freelancers & Entrepreneurs (Beginners Guide)

⚡️⚡️Sponsored By Happy Forms – Click Here To Get Your FREE Copy:

In this video WordPress form form tutorial sponsored by happy forms you’ll learn how to design a contact form that drives sales. When it comes to creating your contact form, having a name, email, and message field isn’t all you need. You’ll learn what other contact form elements you should be considering to generate better leads from your site.

After a looking at a lot of the solutions out there, Happy Forms came out on time in terms of useability, features, and of course price! You can’t beat free. It’s a great wordpress contact form for any website and because it’s a wordpress plug-in all you need is a page on your site and your good to go. You don’t have to worry about other wordpress plug-ins or themes getting in the way of it working thanks to it’s short code ability.

Be sure to checkout the link to happy forms above to get it for your own wordpress site. Now you may have heard about how great contact form 7 is for wordpress, and sure it’s got some advantages but it’s not as easy to use as happy forms; so happy forms is the winner. Don’t skip the wordpress contact form tutorial at the beginning of the video to insure you get happy forms installed correctly.

Once you have happy forms installed on your wordpress site and activated the happy forms plug-in it’s time for the hard part; deciding what kind of information to collect. The primary goal of your contact form should be generating leads for your business.

With lead generation being your primary goal, think about the kind of information you want to know before spending your valuable time with potential customer. If you get a lot of inquiries, consider adding more required questions to your contact form in order to reduce the number of tire kickers that get though.

You also don’t want to waste your time with people who just want free stuff. Harsh yes, but you want those questions answered on your YouTube channel or blog posts so others can benefit from your free advice. In the tutorial you’ll learn the best types of questions to ask you your happy forms wordpress plug-in form and where to start if you don’t already have a flood of messages.

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      Comment below with your contact form/ happy forms questions!

    • Владимир Пименов

      Hey, great ! Any lessons for video editing?

    • Check it Media

      Jason thnx for this video. Video better audio much better but when you go in to the WordPress screen then the audio is a bit low you can boost it more its very low i can understand it but bit more please. Great tut man as you probaly know i make WordPress websites and nice to see you diving into this. Need any tips or advice you know how to contact me. I also have great tips for great plugins and even some paid ones.

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      I'm a animator and I got good advice from your videos…keep up the good work!

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