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Video Notes:

Today I’m gonna be covering how to build a sales funnel for a WordPress Web Design. So just know that what I’m covering today gives you like a whole type of view on what is happening in the internet marketing industry.

This sales funnel system might be too advanced for a smaller business but I’ll cover a smaller system toward the end.

1. So, first off, it starts with your cold, your cold leads.

All right, these are people that have come from a Facebook user group or, or like an interest group from your Facebook ads or your YouTube ads. Or maybe they’re like it’s a look-a-like list, right? And, you’re marketing to them through a series of social media ads, okay?

2. We’re gonna send them to a content based page in your WordPress website- like an article or a blog.

This starts the sales funnel. It’s content that teaches them something new. We don’t make any sales. But here’s what we do. On this page we pixel them, okay, and it’s called pixeling.

We’re going to put an ad right here to in this content based website page. Right? And they can click on that ad and go to our WordPress landing page. But if they don’t, let’s say that they read the blog and then go back to Facebook today, tomorrow, next week. We’re gonna target them with another ad that is exactly this ad right here.

3. That’s when they go to your wordpress landing page.

So we are not sending cold leads to the landing page, we are sending warm leads to the landing page through a targeting ad that began with the pixel. On your landing page you’re going to make an offer they’re either going to say yes or they’re going to say no.

4. If they funnel into a no, we still have them pixeled and we can continue to make different offers to them on Facebook.

We could even do it, we could target them with a discount, right? Let’s say that we were offering a $10, you know, fishing hook or something like that.

5. If they funnel into a yes, here is what we are going to do. If they buy your ten dollar product here. Let us say that this is a ten dollar product, they are going to go to a thank you page (very easy to design in a wordpress website). And on that thank you page we’re gonna make an enhanced offer.

So- a low cost offer to bring them in and then we get them on the tripwire, ‘kay, where they say yes once and we get them, get them to say yes again.

And we’re able to market to them, to them through our e-mail marketing program and through our retargeting program because this page is also pixeled.

NOTE: We know that they’ve gone to a different point in our sales funnel and can receive different ads. Plus, now we’re not showing our ads to everybody. We’re just showing our ads to people who have already expressed interest. This is how it, this is how you do it. Okay, now, let’s go back to this tripwire page.

6. Let’s say that they say no to the tripwire.

Well, guess what? We still have them pixeled. And we’re still able to target them through an email marketing campaign, because they already said yes to the original offer. So now they said no to the upgrade, we can still hit them in our email marketing campaign.

This is something that’s a little more difficult to put together. Let me show you a real simple version. If you’re, if you’re you know kind of a smaller business, here’s what you want. You want to have an ad. That ad leads to a landing page. On that landing page, they say yes, they say no.

They say no, they drop off. They say yes, they go to an enhanced landing page, where they’re, you know, you’re plus one-ing them. You’re getting them to go up one more step.

And then, at the point they’re at the, they’re at the Thank You page.


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    • vigilhammer

      great video

    • Jonathan Chase

      Really like your simplifying style… must get you on the podcast! ­čśë

    • Roberto C.

      What about an affiliate product ? How could we make upsells once bought the front-end product? Ty.

    • Darren Heard

      Hi Gary, does the "landing page" and "TY page" share the same URL as your main website or are they completely separate URL's. Basically, I'm trying to figure out if the funnels stand alone or are they a part of the main website. Thank you in advance!

    • russ weaver

      Sorry, Cart Closed but Thank You!

    • Julia Woods-Larsen

      Ok you sayay
      you have something free but it ain't free…whatever….

    • Matt Zajac

      really good shit!

    • MyITRcom

      I'm a Magician, too funny.

    • Abdul Majeed Siddiqui

      Totally outstanding!

    • Jakob Bourne

      You can always try and welcome other methods. One method i was able to work things off was influencer marketing via phlanx, it worked off from networks of influencers focusing on promotion which served as a great means of kick starting in terms of presence (which leads to traffic).

    • Jaclyn Bass

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    • J L

      I wanna make fun of your dumb green room but I don't want to get you angry..

    • TechMansoor

      Does this video assume that the product you're selling is coming from your own personal cart or a cart you own? I'm trying to see how would you apply the funnel to like an amazon product or some sort of external vendor.

    • brown55061

      Yes, but what about all the browser ad blockers? It's a different world in 2017. Good explanation though.

    • Christopher Carvalho

      Very enlightening! Thank you!

    • Scott Fichter

      Awesome video. Thanks Owen. Most just talk about going straight to the landing page. Your technique is interesting. I would love to learn more about pixeling. So much to learn and so little time. It's such a bummer that YT stopped annotations. I wish I could use them.

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