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    21 replies to "WordPress Landing Page Plugin – Free Conversion Pages for Your Site"

    • Lorenzo di sandro

      Details about installation of the landing pages plugin?

    • Sean Denard

      This plugin took down my site

    • mohamed hamdeen

      this plugin provide
      thank you page ??

    • Melissa Loggins

      It seems the video is outdated.

    • art food

      Is completely different from what I see in wordpress.

    • Anup Kumar

      nice one. but the templates you are building with are not so professional looking and stylish also. so can we do some top level landing pages with?

    • Buesso Ebrahim

      That's Awesome I like it, its very informative and practical.Cheers.

    • DJ's Bass fundamentals

      I like this very much thank you

    • blaise martinez

      is their a reason none of the plugin forms are available?

    • AREZU Irani

      why I could not find Plug in page showing create landing page? I even downloaded. please help !

    • Barry Durocher

      Hey David,
      Hope you are well, good stuff here congrats, WP is asking me if I want to install inbound, do I need to do this?
      Thank you, Cheers

    • Dean Winchester

      I don't think Inbound is free.

    • Alex Ricovic

      Hi could i use it to make a landing page for users to choose the website language before starting browse the website like that one in cocacola

    • Dipsankar Mukherjee

      how to my mailchimp or get response or aweber a/c to that plugin

    • Raul Camacho

      I'm installing this plugin because it looks like something my client will need… she is starting to market her vital document saved business… and she will need an awesome landing page site – will this site require a theme to be installed upon using – or does it not matter? We want the default page to be a landing page?

    • Jose Patt

      I thought this showed how to add landing pages. its just the theme page the first landing page I need to no how to add several pages tour pages for a membership site

    • Cleber Paiva

      Hi! How do you install? I'm new to wordpress

    • Marion Anderson, Sutton Group - West Coast Realty

      Excellent overview. Thanks

    • Andres Aparicio

      hey, this plugin took the frontpage as a landig page………………………..sad

    • Cory Carlson

      After the button is clicked to input the email information in the simple form, it does not have an option to direct the page to another page. It inputs the information then does nothing but stay there.

    • Dario Alessandro

      una guida incomprensibile, quello che fai a me non risulta, il bottone non esce, il call to action non si vede, già il plugin non è facile in più fate guide che fanno pietà, plugin cancellato alla velocità della luce..

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