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WordPress Membership Plugin To Create A Complete Membership Site Including Stripe Payments – PaidMembershipPro Plugin

This WordPress Membership Plugin called Paid Membership Pro will help you create a membership site with a secured membership area and integrate with many payment processors. I show you to integrate it with Stripe.

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    21 replies to "WordPress Membership Plugin To Create A Complete Membership Site Including Stripe Payments"

    • SoldierJ13

      Is there a way to create Stripe memberships in Elementor? I'm not an expert with coding, but after I've researched, I've learned that Elementor is HTML which is a different coding language from PHP (which is the coding language Stripe uses), any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Christian Melo

      Very nice as always, does the plugin support 2 different currencies at the same time? like dollar and Brazilian Real for example? thanks

    • Home Prep Training

      HELP Register does nothing and Login goes to WP login…

    • Shirley VerStraete

      You mention "use cases" – where might I find examples of use cases?

    • Shirley VerStraete

      I finished watching the entire video. Great video. Love your skill and technique for making awesome videos!

    • Shirley VerStraete

      It looks like an awesome plugin that may address additional functionality I've been looking to add. I've only watched the first 9 minutes so I will add questions that I have about other functionality to other parts of my site to the Facebook group. We will continue watching to the end soon. Darn dogs demanding my attention now.

    • Home Prep Training

      Page settings dont show up in the new version…

    • Thina Rydell

      Easy to follow – but the music is very disturbing!!

    • Josh and Mackenzie McKee

      is there not a login page once they purchase?

    • B. A. Sheppard

      Thank you for this video. I'd been struggling with creating a membership site and collecting payments, this was just what I needed. New subscriber!

    • CGSOUQ 3D models CG Jobs and CG textures

      Can you make a tutorial on woocommerce subscription, thanks

    • Andres Rubalcava

      Great video! Thank you for the info! (Lots of exclamation points! lol)

    • Claus Bangsholm

      Den bedste guide jeg har set. THE BEST GUIDE I HAVE SEEN

    • Aniket Waval

      How to built customized profile editing page to user ?

    • Dayne Williams

      Have you used Restrict Content Pro (RCP) as well? I am deciding on whether I use Paid Memberships Pro or RCP for a website that will use both bbPress and BuddyPress.

      RCP has a lifetime payment option which is kind of the deciding factor for me right now.

    • Blueman24

      Hi really good tutorial, i been having a problem where it says Membership level added successfully but i cant see the level? i have tried a few times but nothing shows, what am i doing wrong??

    • LegitHomeBusinessOpportunities

      Hi, thanks for this video. It really helped me a lot. I was wondering if maybe you could recommend a good affiliate plugin that works well with PaidMembershipPro? Just curious if this is something you have had experience with? I am looking for one that works well with website caching.

    • tutushism

      Hi, thank you for your video. maybe i missed something, but how do i add the "Register"/login button that redirects an unlogged users to a signup/login page? Thank you so much

    • ᎫᎯᎩ

      When users log in they end up on a WordPress profile page 🙁 how can I change this?

    • Pelle Karlsson

      What is difference between free and pay ?

    • Pelle Karlsson

      Great video! how do I protect videos and how do I upload them to pay members?

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