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WordPress Membership Plugin To Create A Complete Membership Site Including Stripe Payments – PaidMembershipPro Plugin

This WordPress Membership Plugin called Paid Membership Pro will help you create a membership site with a secured membership area and integrate with many payment processors. I show you to integrate it with Stripe.

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    24 replies to "WordPress Membership Plugin To Create A Complete Membership Site Including Stripe Payments"

    • SoldierJ13

      Is there a way to create Stripe memberships in Elementor? I'm not an expert with coding, but after I've researched, I've learned that Elementor is HTML which is a different coding language from PHP (which is the coding language Stripe uses), any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Christian Melo

      Very nice as always, does the plugin support 2 different currencies at the same time? like dollar and Brazilian Real for example? thanks

    • Home Prep Training

      HELP Register does nothing and Login goes to WP login…

    • Shirley VerStraete

      You mention "use cases" – where might I find examples of use cases?

    • Shirley VerStraete

      I finished watching the entire video. Great video. Love your skill and technique for making awesome videos!

    • Shirley VerStraete

      It looks like an awesome plugin that may address additional functionality I've been looking to add. I've only watched the first 9 minutes so I will add questions that I have about other functionality to other parts of my site to the Facebook group. We will continue watching to the end soon. Darn dogs demanding my attention now.

    • Home Prep Training

      Page settings dont show up in the new version…

    • Thina Rydell

      Easy to follow – but the music is very disturbing!!

    • Josh and Mackenzie McKee

      is there not a login page once they purchase?

    • B. A. Sheppard

      Thank you for this video. I'd been struggling with creating a membership site and collecting payments, this was just what I needed. New subscriber!

    • CGSOUQ 3D models CG Jobs and CG textures

      Can you make a tutorial on woocommerce subscription, thanks

    • Andres Rubalcava

      Great video! Thank you for the info! (Lots of exclamation points! lol)

    • Nasal Spray Pumps Bottles

      great tutorial, two questions. will post subcategories work if paid members ? for example : posts created for Lessons of Travel Kits (22 posts), Fishing Kits(13 posts), Boating Kits (32 posts), Cooking Kits (62 posts), etc. It means one paid member can view different lessons in subcategories. How to do it ?

      If possible, will you do Memberlite theme tutorial.

      am confused how the theme do lay out ? for example. the dark blue part below menu has different height base on content, where the content come from ? see example here

      hope to see new tutorial soon of the Memberlite Theme


    • Claus Bangsholm

      Den bedste guide jeg har set. THE BEST GUIDE I HAVE SEEN

    • Nduka Enuma

      Okay, I think I am Lost here. – HELP URGENTLY NEEDED!
      * I have a sales page already (which was created on WordPress)
      * I have my video Tutorial Courses (which I have created on Youtube)
      Now, All I want is simple;
      How Can I Create a 'Member Login Page', and 'a Video Gallery Page'?
      So once a person signs into the 'Member Login Page', it takes them straight to the 'Video Gallery Page' where the video Tutorial Courses will be sited.

    • Aniket Waval

      How to built customized profile editing page to user ?

    • Dayne Williams

      Have you used Restrict Content Pro (RCP) as well? I am deciding on whether I use Paid Memberships Pro or RCP for a website that will use both bbPress and BuddyPress.

      RCP has a lifetime payment option which is kind of the deciding factor for me right now.

    • Blueman24

      Hi really good tutorial, i been having a problem where it says Membership level added successfully but i cant see the level? i have tried a few times but nothing shows, what am i doing wrong??

    • LegitHomeBusinessOpportunities

      Hi, thanks for this video. It really helped me a lot. I was wondering if maybe you could recommend a good affiliate plugin that works well with PaidMembershipPro? Just curious if this is something you have had experience with? I am looking for one that works well with website caching.

    • tutushism

      Hi, thank you for your video. maybe i missed something, but how do i add the "Register"/login button that redirects an unlogged users to a signup/login page? Thank you so much

    • Nirey 's

      Helo sir ! I'm nerajan , your YouTube follower ! I have followed you for nearly 9-10 months to create different type of wp site ! …now I want to create E-learning site where I can see notes online and tutorials ..I have seen your membership plugin ! …but our country has problems in PayPal or other online transaction ….can I charge members offline by giving them code individually and when they use that code they can log in .

    • ᎫᎯᎩ

      When users log in they end up on a WordPress profile page 🙁 how can I change this?

    • Pelle Karlsson

      What is difference between free and pay ?

    • Pelle Karlsson

      Great video! how do I protect videos and how do I upload them to pay members?

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