A quick overview of what WordPress plugins are and what they do, followed by a detailed explanation of automated and manual installation methods:
– how to install them from WordPress.org using your site’s dashboard
– how to delete/disable using the Dashboard
– how to use CPANEL’s File Manager to check delete/disable
– install using CPANEL’s File Manager a plugin from any location (important for commercial and boutique plugins)
– activation (explaining the difference between single and multi-site)

WordPress plugins are software packages designed to add functionality to your WordPress web site. Generally they make things easier to do (layouts, sliders, galleries), but they may also add very sophisticated tools (membership, shopping carts, SEO etc).

Plugins may be worth considering especially if you are on a limited budget or have limited web design experience. You can save the expense of having functions custom developed. However there are downsides as well to complexity, elegance and performance.

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