WordPress Post Grid Tutorial (EASY!)
In this video, we’re going to cover how to display WordPress posts in a nice Grid Layout.

We can create as many of these post grids as we like, and add them to any of the pages or posts on our site.

And we can also choose which of our pages & posts show up in the grids, using things like categories & tags, the post author… or we can even filter them by keyword!



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Content Views Plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/content-views-query-and-display-post-page/

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    20 replies to "WordPress Post Grid Tutorial: Display WordPress Posts in a Grid Layout (2019)"

    • SongsBoosh

      guys when you use content views does it makes your wepage open kinda slow?

    • Nasrul Syafiq

      Awesome tutorial and easy to use, Thank you so much!!

    • Laura Vogel

      I am too happy with this. Thanks!

    • Jean Kilpatrick

      If you add this to an existing page or post, does the grid automatically show up at the bottom? Thanks!

    • SprecherGesucht [Alex]

      Thank you very much!
      I just started my blog today and searched for a plugin like this for days!

      Greetings from germany! Stay Healthy!

    • Cct Ng

      i can't find the blog grid page at 7:10 minutes, please help me

    • mohammadmohsinraqeeb


    • Nicole Redheart

      Thank you for the video! It didn't work for me too well though. I wanted the grid on the bottom of my home page (which it did), but it messed up my slider at the top. Also, all of the images were different sizes and not one uniform set sizes.

    • Darren Varley

      Thank you, this is what I was looking for!

    • Ki Train

      your video is very nice, but you forgot to mention that the plug in is not entirely free.. and you are missdirecting people to install it.. knowing is "totally free".

    • Abdul Barro

      Thank you so much

    • Rahul Negi

      Love your work ❤️

    • Rohit

      What theme u r using ??

    • Mihrije Kadriu

      Wonderful post – new subscriber thank you 🙂 Can I also know how we can create different grid layout example 2 post to display horizontally the third vertically and so on.

    • Brijendra Rawat

      ❤️️ thank you.

    • Fi Whyte

      Hi Martie, thank you for your awesome tutorial. How do I set the image as the thumbnail. My grid only shows titles. Do I need to add featured image? Thanks so much! Fi

    • Solai City

      I'm just horrified, all these plugins do not give anything beyond natural, and you are still selling premium applications in a plugin, which should be freely available to everyone today! I am ashamed of all of us that we live in such a time! Clean air will soon cost some money! We are already paying for it, just in other forms!

      I'm sorry for the negative feedback

      Good luck everyone

    • Aryan Jadhav

      Awesome video… Thanks for this guide…

    • Ope Joseph

      Nice nice, I have been looking for this!

    • Riker Lee

      Very useful and solved my problem, thank you

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