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    10 replies to "WordPress Tutorial: Simple Membership Plugin – How to Protect Content (6 of 6)"

    • Franklin Perdomo

      The teaser text doesn't work in the restricted content with gutenberg blocks. Any advise to do it in gutenberg?

    • kelvin jarman

      Really good, very clear, nicely spoken! A question – when you add a new page, you get an area in which to type, with assorted headings for format etc., and MORE. I don't get that area. If I add a new page, it simply gives me an area to type the name and a space. What's wrong?

    • rockydonet

      Really helpful! thanks a lot

    • Amanda Cruz

      thank you!!!

    • Brent George

      Such a great, informative video!

    • Nico Reisch

      Thank you for all your support ­čÖé you doing this really well! My problem with this plug -in is, that I don't recieve any e-mails. Where does this problem coming from?
      thanks ­čÖé
      cheers nico

    • Doreen Olson

      Excellent content. I watched them all and followed your steps to get my membership page up and running. Thank you!!

    • Gabriel Boudon

      HI, I've just followed your tuto but it doesn't work on my website. When I connect to have an acces to my protect content, it's open the site on the home page. I can't access the protected content. WHY?
      thant a lot

    • Charlene SG

      Thank you for the great videos. Question if I may? I haven't watched this series from start to finish as I intend to walk through it with the plugin install. Having said that do you have a video that shows the end result of the membership page? Thank you!

    • birla uk

      hi this is awesome plugin but i would like to suggest you https://www.armemberplugin.com/ thanks

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