WATCH AND LEARN: How to control WordPress user access using 100% FREE plugins. It’s jaw-droppingly simple! Control what menu items your users can see and what they see on each page.

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    15 replies to "WordPress user access: 100% FREE plugins to restrict user access in WordPress"

    • Balla Alin

      – is real GOLD. Thanks for the tut!!!

    • Sathi/Rohne

      Thank you for this great demo!

    • LionS HearT

      Awesome video.
      The adminimizer is a God of all Gods. In fact it is a secret agent of the game

    • ArFF

      Thank you <3 The adminimize is the answer for all my problems ­čśÇ

    • Hipsters Network

      Awesome video much needed

    • Randell Balkaran

      thank you so much…you are awesome

    • Madhav R

      I want to give access some pages only login customer plz anyone help me

    • Suran Kumar

      I had created new username and password. When i login with
      this newly created username and password, i couldnÔÇÖt access wordpress
      dashboard, but instead it open the website as if like normal customer……..

    • Paul Jackson

      Great Video and great plugins – cheers BB

    • Buff Chicky

      Fantastic info – thank you so much. I will be using this very, very soon! You ROCK!

    • dasd blian

      Not trying to make a user role editing but trying to manage the role of visitors who arnt logged in, What do i do?

    • Kelvin Waruiru

      What if you want to remove an item on the clients dashboard and its not listed in the menu option in adminimize?

    • Ana D

      You've given so much valuable information! Thank you for a great video and your great energy and teaching style ­čÖé

      keep up the good work!

    • Felix Rivera

      Cool, information!

    • Saturation Inspector

      Hey. Great video! Is it possible to restrict features on a given wordpress page. I.e premium members can use all features whereas basic members are limited?

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