How I set up my WordPress Site
The Theme I use comes from Themify

The Plugin (can also be a theme) for creating sales pages

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Steve Dotto is a long time host and executive producer of Dotto Tech, Canada’s longest-running technology TV show.
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    13 replies to "WordPress, Using Themes and Plugins"

    • Khalid Zidan

      Hi Steve. Interesting video. I learned a lot thanks.

    • Brendan Mace

      Liked this video a lot, going to watch it again later

    • Texas Hill Country Photography

      I have themify, but when I try to install a theme, it says "413 Request Entity Too Large"

    • Carla Donaldson

      Enjoyed this – very useful! I would love to see more! Thank you!!!

    • Saverio Parapugna

      Great video but i was looking to see how you incorporated the theme packages and other packages you used into WordPress.  I'm a 63 year old baby in WordPress.  eg download wordpress, then what do you do to add themify and what do you do in wordpress to add the other program.

    • Heartland Media of Chicago & the Live from the Heartland Radio Show

      You are good. The World Needs all the good that you do!

    • Samuel Spira

      Yes, please do share with us more of your WP know-how. I would especially appreciate an introduction for someone who has just purchased a domain + hosting package and wants to know how to get started.

    • Yu Zhengwen

      What an un-geekly way to do it…

    • DM Gustafson

      Steve, I appreciate hearing about your experiences learning and setting up your WordPress site and would watch more. We do not come to knowledge by one means alone and I think we can add your experiences to our knowledge base.

    • Gregory De Niro

      Excellent video as usual. Yes indeed, Steve, please share more on WP. I'm just starting to get into it.

    • Roger Burzanko

      Great info Steve.  Much appreciated.  Keeping it simple for newbies and love it.  Now you say you "host" your site on your own.  So show us how to do that sometime.  Thanks

    • Yossi Segev

      Great video. More WP please.

    • Agatha C. Melvin

      More WP videos……

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