– wp Profit Builder is a WordPress based marketing platform that created great looking sales pages, squeeze pages, landing pages, webinar pages – you name it. It is designed to compete with OptimizePress 2.0 (OP2).

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    9 replies to "WP Profit Builder Review by Plugin Results"

    • susan shrestah

      Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of Wp profit builder on my blog at travisreviews. com/wp-profit-builder-review/ Thanks. Joan.

    • Rich Sadler

      We have used it on nearly 100 sites and LOVE it! Still has the occsional bugs but well wroth it

    • Luke Boshart

      after I downloaded profit builder and when I went to use it under template management, it says "no templates available" any idea why this is?

    • Anon Ymous

      Will be making a purchase today, through your aff link based on your review. Thanks!

    • The DNW

      I just wanted to say

    • Jairalee Jones

      Did you have to delete OP2?
      I sort of need OP2 for some of
      the sales pages I'm doing.

    • Brian

      great review…just what I was looking for…Thank you..

    • L White

      I am not a techie but I want to run a business online. I saw the demo in an ad for WPPB that convinced me that it would be what I need for landing pages.

      My problem is that Sean goes a bit fast. However, I think that I could follow him if he didn't hide the tabs at the top of his screen. Him not displaying them makes it difficult to understand how he navigates through the various aspects of WPPB.

      I cannot understand how he installs a "background image". I have tried to follow but the image will not display.

      Have you had success installing a background image? If so, could you please give me some pointers. Thank you.

    • Jeremy Ballance

      Nice review Andrew!

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