Anything that is scarce will sell like hot cake. WP Scarcity Jeet taps on this psychological phenomenon of a buyer. Scarcity creates a sense of urgency the buyer to take action and catapults instant purchases.

Apply this principle online by conveying a message to your visitor that whatever you have to offer is only for a finite time. WP Scarcity Jeet is a WordPress plug in along these lines and will leapfrog your conversions.

Here is a quick demonstration of this amazing tool. This tool creates an overlay scarcity bar on your web page or website which displays a countdown timer, your scarcity slogan, a call to action button and a graphic.

You can decide if you want to display the bar on all pages or certain pages and also determine the placement.

The bar is totally customisable. Be it the catch line, font, background & foreground colour graphic or image everything can be changed to match your website’s look and feel. You can also choose to skip adding buttons, graphics and images all together.

The timer configuration comes shows you all possible time zones, select the one that suits you. Next decide for how long you want to place an offer. Customise the colours. The tool also gives you the capability to create effects and play sound on the timer to attract attention.

It is very easy to set it up. Follow the steps as described and the timer will come up on your website.

Let us also look at another tool along the same lines, the WP FB Bar Jeet. Facebook has millions of users and almost each one of them are compelled to click on the red notification icon when it appears on their Facebook panel.

We have developed a crafty little tool the WP FB Bar Jeet that capitalises on this subconscious conditioning of users. The WP FB Bar Jeet creates a bar similar to Facebook with same set of icons and notification system.

The users are invariably compelled to click on the notification. Let us understand how it can be installed on your website.

All you have to do is just go to the settings section of WP FB Bar Jeet. The tabs are self explanatory and it is very easy to use. Check the tabs as per your requirements and that’s about it.

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