WP  Twin

The Ultimate, Time Tested Site Clone App With Over 2 Million Sites Cloned To Date

What’s WP Twin And Why Do You Need To Jump On This Special Offer?

WP Twin is the original, most updated, and still most powerful site backup, restore, move, and clone solution out there today.

This cloud app allows users to quickly backup and restore an entire site, including all plugins, content, WP core, you name it… on any domain you wish on from any device, no matter how big or sophisticated the site is.

While there have been some clone knockoffs come and go, WP Twin has stood the test of time and has been successfully deployed on over 2 million sites and been rigorously updated to work with the newest WordPress and site technologies

Іt’s currently sold for premium price by Rapid Crush Inc, but during this special launch only users can get access for an unbelievably low, no monthly fee price.

But that’s just the start…

We’ve added a killer twist to make this launch far more than just about backup, safety, and cloning.

We’ll be teaching you how to actually make money with WP Twin and giving them DFY ‘niche affiliate sites’ and offline biz’ sites that can clone over and over with the software right on the front end, too.

They’ll get full optimized niche sites with the top plugins, correct permalinks, content, and more, ready to clone and resell to ‘brick and mortar’ clients…

…or clone for different longtail keywords as affiliates.

And if you think that’s good, just wait until you see the funnel.

Take A Look At How Easy It Is To Clone And Deploy An Entire Site With WP Twin

Just some of front-end features alone include:

Runs on pc, mac, Ipad, android, & More.

Don’t settle for using a backup plugin that will go down along with your site! It doesn’t matter what you use to backup, clone, and deploy your sites… as long as you have an internet connection you can do it.

Takes Just Seconds To Use

Upload WP Twin to your site, go there, and click clone. Thats it… you’re done! Download your clone file or if you want to restore later, just upload your WP Twin clone file and click deploy

Clones Anything & Everything

Everything you want on your WP site can be cloned.Posts, pages,comments, permalink, etc.


Works With All Versions Of WordPress

Let’s say you update to the latest version of WordPress and your blog breaks. What do you do? Well, if you cloned the older version – you can easily restore it. Doesn’t matter what version you started or ended with.

Survived The Test Of Time

While most plugins and softwares die within a year of their launch, we have been constantly updating WP Twin with the latest technology so you can be assured it will work perfectly.

The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Weapon

Instead of going through the manual process of creating niche sites, imagine cloning successful sites for different longtail keywords with one click!

Clone Full Membership Sites

Doesn’t matter if you use WishList Member, Optimize Press, or another membership site builder with 1 or 100 level. You can clone the entire thing for a new product with just one click!

The Perfect ‘Offline Sales’ Tool

Want to sell to offline based stores? Set up a perfect dentist optimize WP page and sell it over & over again to different businesses with just a click.

Change Domains or Hosts on the Fly

You can easily move your WP site to a new host or new domain in just a few clicks of a button.

Set And Forget Hands Free Backup

WP Twin comes with a ‘set and forget’ backup add-on that will backup your site on autopilot at any interval you like.

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