Ok so having a child theme is a good best practice, but is mostly unnecessary for several reasons listed here in this video.

It’s important to note that I am not saying that you should never use a child theme because it is still a good best practice. Just that you most likely don’t need it at all.

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    15 replies to "You Don't Need A WordPress Child Theme Most Likely – Here's Why"

    • Argenis Aguilar

      Thanks so much…

    • Steven Makse

      Thanks… almost shat myself when i came across 'child themes' when I was half-way through building my first site. I thought I'd have to start all over again.

    • Darie Nani

      This is really bad advice. Child themes, take very little time to set up and give you an extra layer of protection. I've had many instances where an update to the main theme (like Elementor Hello, on multiple installs) wiped theme settings, reverting styles and elements back to original layouts. Advising "light" or non-power users to skip this step is terrible advice , especially when they will have the hardest time to fix such problems.

    • Master Blek

      Sooo what will happen if I am using Multiple Themes plugin?
      I can make every page with a different theme and then edit the page with it's theme in Elementor.
      I don't need any Snippets or child themes right?
      I am a newbie in making my own website but I believe that everything that has been edited with Elementor should be protected from overwrite right?

    • Oceans Blue

      I have already started on my site using OceanWP theme, almost 40% of work is done, did not know about the child theme idea.

      Question is: Can i still add a child theme or too late now?

    • Luke Owen

      Informative video! Do I need a child theme if I'm adding php to the header.php file or footer, or page.php file? OR will the Code snippets plugin be fine for these as well?

    • n55n1

      Thank you so much Adam.

    • Zulfadli Nasir

      Can i use this to change wordpress checkout label?

    • Prabu Rajasekaran

      Use Code Snippets, Customizer settings instead of child themes.

    • David Fisher

      Ok, how about Beaver Builder offers another way to do this. Choose "Appearnce > Customize and in new window note "Additional CSS"" where you can add custom CSS. It does NOT go into the child theme if you have one installed or not, and it survives updating the existing theme (or changing it). Now just where does this code go??? I do not know. I think Beaver Builder must have a "secret" CSS storage that survives theme updates/changes. I do not know. But, what I describe here works just fine.

    • Decoy Effect

      Hello Mr. Adam, Very nice video of yours. I would like you to advise me. I do not know anything about CSS nor Javascript. If i am inserting tracking codes like Google Analytics Script, Google Optimize, Google Ads Conversion tracking Script, Google Tag Manager In the Parent Theme. Do i still need to create an Child theme? Or Is Parent theme enough. Please advise.

    • Internet 4 Biz

      Hi Adam, great video. The big problem with this is that you don't have any documentation. If there is any problem with the site, you usually don't have a copy of all the additions. If you create a child theme, a copy of the code stays in your computer.


      Hi Adam, great video, very informative. but I have a question- in case I need to update my theme, will it be ok I update without the backing up with a Child theme? Thanks very much

    • Mal Goode

      I don't use child themes. Its confusing to me why I need one. If I am using a child theme, what would I need the original for other that a full start over again? I do make a few small changes to the code (usually only footer.php) and for that reason I do not update the theme because it would overwrite my altered code. So I am stuck with no updates to the theme but I cannot see anyway around that unless I stop making the small changes. I just put up with WordPress nagging me to update!

    • Cathy wyns

      Hi, I made my wordpress in 2019, but it's suggesting me to create a child theme for updating existing theme, is it necessary to create one since I have no programming knowledge?

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