In this video, I show you how you can create a Youtube studio with a budget of $0, a budget of $25.000, and a lot of steps in between. I will talk about low budget cameras, microphones, lights, and about better quality gear to make your final result more professional.

After watching this video you will know what kind of result you can have with the budget you have! But more important than the budget is YOU! You can film yourself using your smartphone and have an amazing result.

Below you see a list with all the links to the gear I talk about. Some links are affiliate links and give me a commission when you buy them through my link. You don’t pay more :). Thank you for that!

Recommended Gear

Logitec C920
Canon G7X
Sony A6100 + Lens
Canon 5D MK IV

Audio Equipment
Blue Snowball Mic Ice
Blue Yeti
Tram TR50
Shure SM7B Solo
Rode PSA1
Rodecaster Pro

Aputure 120D II
Aputure Dome II
Uplight Par BBP94
Philips Hue Lamp 1
Philips Hue Lamp 2
Philips Hue Lamp 3
Elgato Key Light

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:22 Overview of the video
00:01:22 The most important thing in your video

00:03:49 Smartphones
00:05:50 Laptop Camera
00:07:16 External Webcam
00:08:16 The Canon G7X
00:10:43 The Sony A6100
00:11:49 The Canon 5D MK IV

00:16:37 How To Make The Sound Better
00:18:11 Introduction to Microphones
00:19:47 Smartphone Audio
00:20:33 Laptop Audio
00:21:00 Budget Lavalier Mic
00:22:35 Blue Snowball
00:23:18 Blue Yeti Mic
00:24:04 My Setup: Shure SM7B + Rodecaster Pro

00:27:05 Introduction to Light
00:30:57 Big and Small Light Sources
00:34:15 Aputure 120D II
00:35:12 Backlights
00:37:28 Philips Hue

00:41:51 Different Lenses

The Studio
00:44:34 Setup Ideas
00:49:35 My Result

No Budget Setup
00:53:45 The Best No Budget Setup
00:58:07 How To Use A Greenscreen
00:59:07 More Studio Ideas
01:01:00 Why You Can Succeed

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    • Szabó János

      Dear Ferdy! Can you tell me what is the brand your beautiful back decor little round lamp? Thank you your kind reply!

    • Paul Shelbourne

      Great video, I really enjoyed it. I too hate tripods and was wondering if you could let me know the name of the overhead framework for your lighting rig? I need this in my life! Thank you

    • A C

      Hi can you provide a name or a link to the panels you used, please?

    • MXDS

      Hi Ferdy, super gaaf dat je deze video hebt gemaakt. Heel leerzaam! In het overzicht van de spullen zie ik audio-diffuser wanden niet staan. Mag ik vragen waar je die vandaan hebt? Thanks!

    • Dawid Kitura

      Hi Ferdy! Amazing video 🙂 I love your studio! I have question: How it is possible that you are recording everything on your laptop and we are not hiring the fan? When i Try to record the screen on my mac the fan is running so loud that is very naoticible. .. Tell me your way of doing it. Cheers Bro 🙂

    • H K

      Suggest best video editor for youtube 😞

    • Hafizur Rahman

      You are amazing Ferdy. Love you brother.

    • Rushikesh

      Sir can you make complete tutorial on Avada theme which is selling theme on internet..

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      God Bless U Ferdy Brother.. May u achieve more and more and more success.

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      Thank you so much… You are great

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      Hello Sir
      Plz let me know how to edit category page with elemonter without AnyWhere Elemontor Pro plugin

    • Kyaw

      Very helpful tutorial for beginner YouTuber like me to setup my own

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      Omg. Your baby is adorable! 😍 Very helpful video thanks.

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